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  1. Miscellaneous: Experience Death Penalty should be doubled on Green until [June 1999] era
  2. Spells: Lich and Bond of Death should not be researchable until September 1999 patch era
  3. Game Mechanics: UI can't see items in dropdown menu
  4. Miscellaneous: Consolidation of Green issues from Bug forum
  5. Spells: Shadowknight spells need adjustments to be timeline-correct
  6. Miscellaneous: Royal Qeynos Forge
  7. Game Mechanics: /Viewport is not a thing until the end of Luclin
  8. Spells: Magician pets 24+ should be research-only until May 1999 patch era
  9. Spells: Research components (words, runes, etc) should not be stackable until May 1999 patch
  10. Pathing A large Piranha Nektulos Forest
  11. Game Mechanics: Pets Aggro Issues
  12. Game Mechanics: Derpy hate on green and blue
  13. Miscellaneous: Erudite Necro Trains Throwing
  14. Miscellaneous: Paineel Zone Line Sticky
  15. Game Mechanics: Medidate works without book
  16. Game Mechanics: Looms Should Not Exist until [June 2001] era
  17. Miscellaneous: Research containers should be 4 slots
  18. Pathing Animals not KOS
  19. Merchants: shock of lightning / lightning bolt
  20. Spells: Spell scrolls should be LORE items until June 1999 patch era
  21. Miscellaneous: No Drop items should not be bankable until September 1999 patch era
  22. Game Mechanics: Large Sewing Kits weigh 3 pounds
  23. Game Mechanics: /pet taunt and /pet notaunt should not be usable until September 1999 patch era
  24. Spells: Tashan and Malosi series should not stack until December 1999 patch era
  25. Spells: Full audit of class spells for timeline correctness (all casting classes)
  26. Miscellaneous: No /pause in Macros
  27. Spells: Tormented Dead in Unrest casting rabies?
  28. Pathing Befallen entrance tunnel
  29. Pathing BlackBurrow Entrance Tunnel Gnolls Getting Stuck
  30. Spells: Sorting spellbook
  31. Game Mechanics: sometimes i can hear SGs from far away - level ground vs dunes u cant
  32. Game Mechanics: a willowisp despawning during fight
  33. Game Mechanics: Everfrost Glacier lighting (Night)
  34. Game Mechanics: Barbarian vision
  35. Miscellaneous: Inventory EXP Bar
  36. Merchants: Everfrost Newbie area
  37. Miscellaneous: Meditate button stays clicked when I stand
  38. Miscellaneous: Faction hits for killing mobs should be broken until [April 1999] era
  39. Miscellaneous: Non-melee damage reporting should be in /say [until July 2000 era]
  40. Game Mechanics: Tracking window showing light and dark green cons
  41. Miscellaneous: Misty Thicket sky seems off
  42. Miscellaneous: Casting on crocs in water in oasis
  43. Miscellaneous: Being knocked out (purple hp bar) removes cursor
  44. Game Mechanics: Lightsource not restored after looting corpse
  45. Miscellaneous: Some items show IKS under list of races
  46. Miscellaneous: Lighting in Kithicor when entering Rivervale
  47. Game Mechanics: Lighting stuck in day mode
  48. Game Mechanics: Weapon delay should not be reset after spell casts until January 2001 patch era
  49. Quest Issue: Lizard Meat Quest not providing coin reward, Bug?
  50. Game Mechanics: Meditate book allows sitting while casting
  51. Miscellaneous: Crashing at campout
  52. Miscellaneous: Unable to close tell windows
  53. Miscellaneous: Corpses: Dead Men Walk!
  54. NPC Spawn Issue: NPC Lokar To`Biath pet stuck far away in Neriak 3rd gate
  55. Game Mechanics: Nec and Enc pet attack delay
  56. Game Mechanics: Treeform cancels night blindness
  57. Game Mechanics: Meditate should require spellbook regardless of level
  58. Game Mechanics: Clickies shouldn’t work as a hotbutton
  59. Game Mechanics: FOG in Nektulos and Kithicor
  60. Game Mechanics: Rogues and Rangers shouldn't get crits on throwing/bows until August 1999 patch era
  61. Spells: Disease Cloud appears to have broken aggro
  62. Game Mechanics: non-classic F9 camera modes and mouse-wheel behavior
  63. NPC Spawn Issue: Executioner stuck up in Sqeynos
  64. Game Mechanics: Melee resist bonuses are not classic until Oct 1999
  65. Miscellaneous: Floating tree in Kithicor
  66. Miscellaneous: Tell windows can not be closed
  67. Miscellaneous: Hide Helm
  68. Game Mechanics: Getting meditate Skill-up gains when just sitting (necro)
  69. Game Mechanics: Skill training - Error: Skill at cap value, training failed.
  70. Pathing Qeynos Aquaducts issues
  71. Spells: Rain spells broken ?
  72. Game Mechanics: Light Sources Not working on Boats
  73. Game Mechanics: Are you looking for discrepancies or bugs as-is?
  74. Spells: Deadeye as good as ultravision
  75. Pathing Lower Guk - a wan ghoul knight
  76. Miscellaneous: Large Sewing Kit
  77. Game Mechanics: Only four pets should be able to attack a mob at once, throughout Green/Blue timeline
  78. Miscellaneous: Sentry Xyrin dropping sword of runes?
  79. Game Mechanics: Bash/Slam Range too long?
  80. Spells: Alter plane fear / sky
  81. Miscellaneous: Boat under the water in Oasis
  82. Miscellaneous: Lanterns in Kaladim
  83. Game Mechanics: Misty Thicket guards not attacking Princess Klaknak
  84. Pathing Vengeful skeletons in Everfrost not moving
  85. Spells: Lvl 29 mage spell phantom chain
  86. Spells: Resisted spells
  87. Pathing Mistmoore entrance
  88. Miscellaneous: Guard Aggro N.Ro
  89. Quest Issue: Vendor and Quest issue (Kaladim)
  90. NPC Spawn Issue: Paw - South Karana
  91. Game Mechanics: When training a skill at cap on Green beta, you lose your point
  92. Miscellaneous: Wood Elf "Guards" in Lesser Faydark Should Drop Weapons
  93. Game Mechanics: Unconscious Healing
  94. Game Mechanics: Meditate Skill
  95. Game Mechanics: Chief Goonda (Shaman npc) harm touches
  96. Game Mechanics: Blind pathing doesn't seem to be noticeable? (Flash of Light)
  97. Game Mechanics: Summoned food/water should not disappear (nor banked summoned items)
  98. Pathing Unable to cast on target right in front of me in permafrost
  99. Game Mechanics: Treeform appears as a half-submerged human
  100. Pathing Eye of Zomm use in Lower Guk
  101. Game Mechanics: Took a faction hit while sitting and using eye of Zomm
  102. Miscellaneous: Untextured water in Oasis and North Ro
  103. Miscellaneous: Colored Hotkey Text Error?
  104. Game Mechanics: Blacksmithing
  105. Miscellaneous: sense heading(134) at level 6
  106. Game Mechanics: Cancel Magic Should Be Top Down
  107. Miscellaneous: Large Sewing Kit Should Weigh 0.4
  108. Miscellaneous: East Karana Bridge not Lit Up @ Nite
  109. Miscellaneous: Shattered Warbeads should not drop in Misty
  110. Miscellaneous: Skill training failure takes a training point
  111. Merchants: era rules for merchant items (research requested)
  112. NPC Spawn Issue: aqua goblin marauder
  113. Miscellaneous: Client crashes upon death
  114. Miscellaneous: some "no drop" items trading.
  115. Spells: Ranger lvl 255 required
  116. Miscellaneous: Macro 'social name' field text defaults to black since patch (hard to read)
  117. Game Mechanics: PVP Flagged Group Members on Green
  118. Game Mechanics: Harm Touch Button repops when not available
  119. Game Mechanics: PGT, No stat changes with weaken
  120. Game Mechanics: Kicking Snakes
  121. NPC Spawn Issue: Extra Kobold Camp in Steamfont
  122. Quest Issue: Tonics for Groflah
  123. Pathing Oasis mobs floating in air
  124. Game Mechanics: Invisible Characters
  125. Miscellaneous: Weapon disapeared after looting body
  126. Miscellaneous: UI issue for character screen
  127. Spells: Bard invis drops
  128. Miscellaneous: No dogs allowed in Rivervale Bank
  129. Pathing LGuk Liveside "Zone Out Frog" warped through walls
  130. Pathing Fear Kiting on the "Lawn" in the Erudin Palace Docks PoD Area
  131. Quest Issue: Item: Ring of the Dead is race/class restricted for the click
  132. Game Mechanics: Meditate
  133. Miscellaneous: Poriss Splitrock in North Kaladim
  134. Game Mechanics: "flying" mobs in water unhitable
  135. Game Mechanics: Blue / Green character names
  136. Spells: Necro Twitch
  137. Spells: Self Targeted Projectile Spells consume no mana and provide skill ups
  138. NPC Spawn Issue: Tolon Nurbyte spawns as a Merchant, and breaks your UI if you try and sell to him
  139. Game Mechanics: Enchanter Charm - Something is amiss
  140. Quest Issue: quest experience very broken
  141. Pathing Tann Cellus pathing bug near uguk
  142. Game Mechanics: Paladin Training bug in Felwithe
  143. NPC Spawn Issue: No Rabid Wolves or Grizzlies in WK
  144. Miscellaneous: Unable to attack mobs in water
  145. Miscellaneous: Female Dwarf Plate Helm clips
  146. Merchants: Kevlin Diggs RV
  147. Game Mechanics: Is meditate broken?
  148. Miscellaneous: Disco Party Lighting
  149. Miscellaneous: Gems is playable
  150. Game Mechanics: /pet attack command not working properly
  151. Spells: Channeling
  152. Game Mechanics: Fishing on boats
  153. Pathing Mob unable to be hit in Befallen
  154. Game Mechanics: Rivervale Forge Kicking Player from Game
  155. Game Mechanics: Swimming Gains while Num Lock and AFK
  156. Game Mechanics: Can't heal unconscious players.
  157. Game Mechanics: Guild masters still show blue exp bar
  158. Quest Issue: Shakey's Stuffing, Wee Harvester
  159. Miscellaneous: Toolbox inside a toolbox
  160. Miscellaneous: Some Bugs to squash since launch.
  161. Game Mechanics: Giants not seeing invis
  162. Game Mechanics: Low level mobs double attacking
  163. NPC Spawn Issue: Half of toxxulia only spawning pixies
  164. Quest Issue: Tomer's Rescue
  165. Game Mechanics: Mesmerise spells seem to mem blur way too often
  166. Miscellaneous: Losing mana after zoning
  167. Miscellaneous: Meditate
  168. Game Mechanics: Should be generic Spell Casting message prior to Velious [Dec2000] era
  169. Miscellaneous: Basic Lute allowing primary slot to be used
  170. Game Mechanics: Necro Life Tap line
  171. Game Mechanics: Melee swing timers should reset upon spellcast
  172. Merchants: Minor Summoning: Fire sold in Erud
  173. Miscellaneous: Potential Bug with No Manastones Dropping
  174. Game Mechanics: Ward Summoned Not Casting
  175. Game Mechanics: Zoning with low health/unconscious results in full health
  176. Merchants: Shadow Compact ; Screaming Terror
  177. Miscellaneous: Highpass Orcs nonclassic faction hits
  178. Miscellaneous: No Meditate button
  179. Miscellaneous: Problems zoning this morning
  180. Game Mechanics: Respawn with 75% mana
  181. Game Mechanics: Meditate training for druid
  182. Pathing Ocean of Tears Water
  183. Spells: Gather Shadows
  184. NPC Spawn Issue: Highpass Hold - a gnoll flamepaw
  185. Miscellaneous: Missing space in sentence
  186. Game Mechanics: Enchanter pet does not attack enemies while in water
  187. Spells: Target's health bar does not decrease when bolt spells are used
  188. Game Mechanics: Don't let Nagafen or Vox through small openings
  189. Pathing Guards/golems in nektulos path behind lavastorm zoneline
  190. Spells: Solon's Bewitching Bravura - Bard 39 Charm
  191. Game Mechanics: Pet casting and damage
  192. Pathing No exp awarded from kills after leaving water.
  193. Miscellaneous: Research containers are not in their classic state
  194. Game Mechanics: Item research
  195. Quest Issue: Monk sash quest
  196. Pathing Runnyeye high level spawns wall clipping, aggro across zone
  197. Game Mechanics: Training Meditate Before Level Requirement
  198. Game Mechanics: Guild Officer Promotion
  199. Vopuk Shralok on Teal
  200. Game Mechanics: Feign Death Memory Blur
  201. Pathing Fleeing mob pathing issues (with exciting video)
  202. Game Mechanics: Mage pets research
  203. Game Mechanics: Research success rate
  204. Merchants: Donlo Goober ninja faction change?
  205. Game Mechanics: unconscious
  206. Pathing Major Z-axis issues
  207. Quest Issue: Tearon Bleanix KOS After Princess Lenya Hand-In
  208. Miscellaneous: Magician and Necro pets shouldn't grow in size or change colour until October 1999
  209. Pathing Rooting an NPC as it runs towards you
  210. Miscellaneous: Certain skeletons drop kunark/velious items
  211. Game Mechanics: Level 51+ Mobs should not summon players to them
  212. Spells: Adorning Grace
  213. Game Mechanics: Wizard guildmaster offers meditation to -4 wizards
  214. Miscellaneous: Humanoid mobs should 'thank' players when they are given items
  215. Miscellaneous: unknown tongue group output on macro
  216. Game Mechanics: Accidental KSing bug?
  217. Game Mechanics: Any spell dmg pushes mobs up a floor in unrest
  218. Miscellaneous: No player found
  219. Game Mechanics: Secondary factions should not be adjusted when primary faction is maxed/bottomed
  220. Game Mechanics: Able to train Meditate before the required level
  221. Miscellaneous: Edit: /List is Negated by FD classes
  222. Miscellaneous: reinforced medicine bag
  223. Quest Issue: Putrid Skeletons quest rewarding 0-charge potion
  224. Game Mechanics: Ensnare should have a chance to break randomly, like root, until April 2000
  225. Miscellaneous: Levitating corpse
  226. Miscellaneous: ''too far away to loot your corpse''
  227. Game Mechanics: LIST System Broken Doesn't Reset
  228. Quest Issue: Bug completing Thex Dagger quest
  229. Miscellaneous: Loading screen is wrong
  230. Game Mechanics: Light source priority not working
  231. Miscellaneous: Glimmer ring
  232. Game Mechanics: Nagafen and pets
  233. Miscellaneous: Command "/pet Health" not in game until patch June 7, 1999
  234. Game Mechanics: Bolts, emergency surgery needed.
  235. Game Mechanics: Skill Specialization raises above 50 on it's own
  236. Pathing Ass/Supp Pathing
  237. Quest Issue: Perrir Zexus ate my Leatherfoot Cap
  238. Pathing Cazic-Thule Charmed Pets Pathing
  239. Game Mechanics: Mob reset was originally much longer, with a random component
  240. Game Mechanics: Root did not originally break on damage.
  241. Quest Issue: Crafted Armor should not have any stats but AC until October 1999 patch era
  242. Quest Issue: Darkforge Armor should weigh the same as unsized Crafted Armor until May 2000
  243. Quest Issue: Darkforge Armor NPCs should spawn in Najena and Mistmoore from Oct1999 to Feb2000
  244. Quest Issue: Goblin Ice Necklace Drop Rate
  245. Spells: Enchanter: Brilliance not stacking with CHA buff
  246. Miscellaneous: Targetting keys while casting; pet commands while casting
  247. Game Mechanics: Unrest Locked Doors
  248. Miscellaneous: Non classic things
  249. Pathing Swimming Mobs
  250. Game Mechanics: Strobelights - everyone can see it