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  1. Camera in 3rd person
  2. Monk H2H skillcaps
  3. Tradeskill quests question
  4. Kael Drakkal giant pathing
  5. Rampage
  6. A few things I have noticed during my play time
  7. Weather
  8. Root and Snare
  9. PVP code
  10. Fog and Eastern Wastes
  11. Changes later in Velious?
  12. Eastern Wastelands
  13. Colaboration in Icewall
  14. Low hp aggro
  15. Ranger Disciplines
  16. Wus armor is combinable on beta...
  17. West Wastes Rock - Object?
  18. Eastern Wastes Levitate over Kael
  19. Cobalt scar key should look like a bag and not like a claw.
  20. Corpse Drag
  21. Initial aggro cap and/or pet aggro issue(s)?
  22. Rooted Dragon Gating
  23. Iceclad Iceberg acting like an interactive object.
  24. Siren's Grotto
  25. Druid Tracking max skill up to 125
  26. Epic instrument modifier not working off hand
  27. Zone Stress Tests
  28. Royal Velium Frosted Armor shouldn't be bard usable yet
  29. Changes that were made 31 days into velious.
  30. WW Ice Burrowers chase at SoW speed
  31. Plane of Growth - Portal
  32. Unable to use OT hammer in Velious
  33. Cleric BP (Thurg) has Mark of Karn instead of Celestial Elixir
  34. Warrior defensive is only 30 percent mitigation should be 45
  35. Scout Charisa: Needs To Credit Who Hands In Tools (Unclassic Alteration)
  36. Bug: LOS issues with Sirens in CS
  37. Cracks in the entrance bridge of Thurgadin
  38. Kael giants sometimes fleeing, somtimes not.
  39. Timers (Spells, Abilities, Disciplines)
  40. Velks Lab
  41. Great Divide Shardwurms are underwater
  42. Very strange Camera Angle bug in ToV
  43. Getting stuck in Fire Pots
  44. HP update bug in client & various small bugs
  45. Repeatable Crash Bug
  46. AC issues are starting to be really problematic.
  47. Proc Rate on Trash Mobs - NTOV
  48. Summoned items didn't poof when logged off
  49. Siren Grotto - Succor Exploit?
  50. Invisible Monk
  51. mob level 35 to 45 ish seem easier in skyshrine
  52. Ranger/Hybrid Disciplines.
  53. Swing Hate
  54. Warrior Taunt in ToV
  55. Wurm / drake aoe not ignoring LoS
  56. Trueshot - No Crits
  57. Rampage List and FD
  58. Dragon fear
  59. Unequipping Antonian Javelin causes you player to get kicked
  60. bard /disc while DA
  61. Beta buff bug
  62. Maze in skyshrine
  63. Bard: Deftdance emote
  64. Crystal caverns
  65. BFG melee is operating incorrectly
  66. bard epic instrument mod not working in offhand
  67. Grand Master's Armor - Tradeable
  68. /beta beta not uploading characters
  69. Looting
  70. Sleeper's Tomb - rezzing in walls
  71. Looting own corpse - lore item bug
  72. Bard - Puretone/Psalm of Mystic Shielding
  73. Cornering Issue
  74. Items given to charmed pets not lootable
  75. picking up mod rods
  76. ToV 4 way intersection room - pathing bugs
  77. Items STUCK to cursor
  78. Unable to loot npc's in ToFS
  79. Primal Weapons and Growing
  80. Claws of Veeshan Faction
  81. Branch of sylvan oak foraged in EW
  82. Flowers of Functionality (Mischief) - Should be Targetable
  83. DN - Phase Spider Gate
  84. DN - Cannot see target error
  85. Dragon Necropolis - Zone in DC
  86. Tower of frozen shadow - stuck in level 1 pit stair
  87. Skyshrine - teleporter to maze is only 1-way
  88. Velketor's Labrinyth Pathing
  89. a cobalt drake pathing in cobalt scar
  90. Runed Bone Fork - won't loot says i have when i dont already deleted it
  91. Line of Sight in open area
  92. Levitate not working in WL
  93. Iceclad ocean docks torches
  94. Giving 2 weapons to pet, only getting 1 back.
  95. Trading stacking items behavior
  96. Crystal Caverns
  97. Kael Vindi area - see invis/see through rogue hide sneak
  98. Ice Burrower and Selo's Consonant Chain
  99. All Spells Greyed Out
  100. What will FFA zone rules / binding rules be for velious on red99?
  101. Fletching Glitches
  102. Gate permanently locked down spell gems
  103. Flowers of Functionality
  104. Mana Regen After your are Hungry/Thirsty
  105. Unable to sit or cast after attempting to pick up a 2nd lore item.
  106. Looting Issue
  107. Crafting Issue
  108. Armor Class DONT WORKS
  109. Lag in Tower of Frozen Shadow
  110. Wooly rhino's hitbox is too small
  111. Skyshrine - you're shorting me!
  112. Eastern Wastes water - graphics
  113. Trading
  114. Ally Faction
  115. Swimming Fall Damage
  116. Sit to camp/Stand to cast spells
  117. Thurgadin Bar Music
  118. Inventory disappeared in Kael
  119. Magician pet graphics
  120. /camp desktop
  121. West Wastes crystal formations graphics bug
  122. fell off top shelf in velks no fall damage
  123. Plane of Mischief - Fleeing Mobs & Forrest Pansys
  124. Drop rate of items
  125. See through walls in skyshrine
  126. Tserrina's Key
  127. Falling Damage [Iceclad Ocean]
  128. Green Flower of Functionality and Resist Poison Should Stack
  129. PoM Archers Doobis and Dabbis
  130. Fear controllable
  131. NPC AI - Hate
  132. no aggro from healing (not hate)
  133. WToV Break-In Issue
  134. Snowstorm issues
  135. forage bugged
  136. Missing Great Divide tooth not missing
  137. Ogre frontal stun immunity lost if you use Amulet of Necropotence
  138. Halls of Testing
  139. Range Attack Collision Mechanic: Players can hit other players for damage
  140. Full Fears with 255 MR
  141. Wurms getting stuck while being pushed
  142. Most Mobs Need To Path To Spawn Immediately
  143. Sneak
  144. Dragon Necropolis Traps Don't Seem to Reset
  145. Chat bug.
  146. Plane of Growth Trash Drops
  147. Monster Summoning
  148. Invalid Invite Response
  149. Icewell keep
  150. Great Divide Wurm caves
  151. Drinking alcohol on beta
  152. Yelinak not Permarooted
  153. clockwork watchman armor not having velious texture
  154. Teleporting someone without a Velious Tooth
  155. Faction Amount (Live values)
  156. Monk Innerflame Disc
  157. The Warrens - trivial loot code?
  158. Bugs
  159. Summoned Shuriken of Quellious
  160. Levitation issue
  161. Blackstar, Mace of Night Incorrect Graphic
  162. Guard Roses - POM
  163. FD Fail rate since Velious
  164. Crystal caverns zone isnt there!
  165. Leatherfoot raider skullcap
  166. Trident of the Deep Sea - Graphic Issue?
  167. Hand to Hand (H2H) Weapons
  168. Undead Bard Mechanic
  169. Triggered Faydedar
  170. Triggered Venril Sathir/Fay/Trakanon strength
  171. a lesser tar goo (in thurgadin)
  172. Warrior Epic Offhand Useable
  173. Unable to fish in Sleeper's Tomb
  174. Crystal Caverns zonein should not be a zoneout
  175. Hall of tactics
  176. Phase Spider "Fade" on pets
  177. Monk Hand2Hand Bug?
  178. NTOV drakes bash every flurry
  179. Charmed pets not getting maxed hit while sitting
  180. Venomous axe of the velium Brood
  181. Yet Another Misty Acorn Post lol
  182. Monk Hand to Hand skill bug?
  183. Lost faction while AFK for kills
  184. Tagging/splitting mobs
  185. AC soft caps on P99 / Shield AC
  186. Bouncing aggro in Siren's Grotto
  187. Thurg Robe rune IV Broken
  188. Charmed Pet Gear
  189. Damage or Speed
  190. Loom in Rivervale is just a Sewing Kit
  191. Vindi Boots Color on High Elf
  192. Alizewsaur in OOT
  193. Wavecrasher
  194. Revisiting Warrior Taunt
  195. Specialization
  196. Can't equip neck pieces.
  197. Mobs with No Mana Pool That CH
  198. Pet in Crystal Caverns Broken Bridge room
  199. Rogue Evade
  200. Its always Night in Field of Bone.
  201. Shadowknight Piercing skill
  202. Project 1999 Teal - ERU NEC start in ERU
  203. Root ghosting - mobs continue to walk towards me after root
  204. Ranged attack timer reset bug
  205. PoM Rats Warp through walls
  206. Mage aggro from Pet aggro
  207. H2H on Necromancer going past 75
  208. Cloak of Dark Sky ranger cloak bug
  209. Coth not clearing aggro
  210. Rod of Glamour cast time/Flux Staff
  211. Blazing Gauntlets of Fennin Ro
  212. Pet Attack Hotkey targeting not working
  213. Binding melee in Skyshrine and Kael Drakkel
  214. New Proc Mechanics - Bow Procs
  215. Rogue Mechanic: Any invis on a rogue should function as invis & invis vs undead
  216. Fishing/inventory bug
  217. Invisible or Bugged Rune of Scale
  218. Bard Song Cast Timer
  219. Double Attack Graphic
  220. Felwithe: No U Turns Allowed!
  221. Kael Giants and CHARMING requiring Bellycast to land
  222. Meditation Skill not progressing beyond zero
  223. Spell Specialization
  224. Can we remove the rest of the insta click aggro and tagging items?
  225. Buff wipe at low life
  226. Pack Spirit Bug
  227. Lull line of spells does NOT consider cha
  228. Pick Pocketing Lore Items
  229. Full Screen minimize on mouse click.
  230. Howling Stones constantly causes game freezes
  231. KDT needs an FTE message
  232. Meditation bug (stays at 0 after training)
  233. Timorous Deep to Overthere
  234. A Frost Giant Lord instantly respawns
  235. Druid tracking reverts to 20 [Blue]
  236. Lesser Faydark Ground Spawns
  237. Root Rotting Issue Green
  238. Cobalt Scar Sirens and Cajoling Whispers charm
  239. 4 Tizmaks near Wurm cave ent pathing back and forth
  240. Summoned: Shuriken of Quellious ranged attack
  241. Can't loot when you FORCE eat the last item from a stack of food
  242. Push and gating
  243. Bug with mobs in CoM and FD
  244. Hide broken
  245. Can't click PoGrowth portal
  246. Bloated Belly (Kunark boat) bugged
  247. Hunger related regeneration
  248. Alt+9 with spell on cursor reproduceable crash
  249. Bard Skill Purchase
  250. Tranquil Staff