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  1. Official Green Server Thread - October 2019
  2. Green99 pro strats and early game goals
  3. Green forum section?
  4. Green Server UI Restrictions?
  5. What yall making on greeeeeen?
  6. What will be your primary class on Green?
  7. PvP on Blue/Green
  9. Unofficial Green Speculation Thread
  10. Green Naming Policy (Petition)
  11. Green =) anyone interested?
  12. Green, /list and guising your alts
  13. How many people will pvp on green?
  14. Green exp penalties
  15. Green Server Population Roll
  16. Green List Question @GMs
  17. Green Server (sorry if this has been asked a million times)
  18. So how many of you will really go to green?
  19. Kotaku Article about Green Server
  20. What I'm looking forward to on Green..
  21. Green!
  22. So how many legacy items will be created?
  23. Alright, who took time off from work?
  24. Purple Discussion Thread
  25. Green Wiki Requests
  26. "Classic" classic - things I should know
  27. installation differences
  28. Vacant Zones
  29. How will Green merge to Blue work in practice?
  30. What classes and races will be available?
  31. Classic Jewelry recipes
  32. blue/green rules
  33. Addons on green
  34. Block Blue / Green Boxing
  35. Solution to the name controversy.
  36. Question for Project1999 Staff ;)
  37. Hide on Green
  38. Green first to 50?
  39. Early magical weapons?
  40. Questions about Green
  41. What will be your primary race on Green?
  42. Etiquette: swarm sniping
  43. Good Newbie Quests for the Era
  44. Do Pets Steal XP in Classic era?
  45. List culture
  46. Keep Green, green.
  47. Quest exp nerfs?
  48. 25 mob limit
  49. Got Questions About When _____ Is Coming to Green?
  50. Fashionquest: Which non DE/Bard class is the greatest Guise Fashionquester?
  51. I'm excited. Qeynos too crazy?
  52. Terror Forged Mask in green
  53. understimating green launch
  54. Going Postal!
  55. +5 agi?
  56. I am the warrior
  57. raid rotations?
  58. Hey Tradeskillers! What drops you gonna pay for?
  59. non-caster good race bind area for Cazic
  60. So... How classic do you want it?
  61. patch for green server
  62. Classic-esque UI options are available. Should Rogean do it?
  63. Rogue skills at launch?
  64. Naming Policy Compromise
  65. A No Stupid Questions About Classic Thread
  66. evil erudites <3
  67. Feasible longterm strategy?
  68. Green starting areas
  69. Here We Go Again.....
  70. Class Exp Penalty/Blind Meditation
  71. Will classic night time gamma mechanic be implemented on Green?
  72. Monk vs War in classic era
  73. Pally vs Ranger
  74. Green guilds?!
  75. Experience penalties aren't that big of a deal
  76. Offical Green UI?
  77. Mages in classic
  78. Will the Erudite necros be in the Tox hut
  79. Erudites at launch
  80. Classic UI and Crash on Camp
  81. Stamina hitpoints formula needed
  82. What quests will be available at launch?
  83. Exp Penalty Shunning
  84. How long will training/KSing be allowed?
  85. Luclin Graphics
  86. Probably a very stupid question about Iksar
  87. Green XP Calculator
  88. Classes that can shine for a year of vanilla?
  89. Remove the grouping Hybrid-exp split!
  90. Families
  91. How tall are the Iksar going to be?
  92. Are You Here More for a "Fresh Start" or for "Classic"?
  93. Its almost time and I can't choose ;D
  94. Do you want open book/blind meditiation?
  95. Do you like hybrids having an xp penalty?
  96. Yet another "what class thread"
  97. Lanseax loot rights farm
  98. Summoned Food & Water and Banking
  99. Question, Re: "Lists"
  100. Classic EQ to me...
  101. The PoP/"Default" UI Looks More Classic than the "Velious" UI
  102. Green Era Checklist
  103. Fine Plate in at launch?
  104. Will you play a monk or necro to start?
  105. Return of the plague?
  106. Aggro, Melee, and Necro pet vs Mage's
  107. Newb Quests?
  108. No expansion server
  109. Extended Kunark Duration!
  110. Trying to create a quest list for Green for item rewards
  111. Seafuries on GREEN99!!!!
  112. Will Epic drops be in the game at Kunark launch?
  113. erudite SKs at launch ?
  114. Looking for a person to mentor me on Druids
  115. Green Buttons
  116. Chanter,Bard,Cleric? since i can't play my Iksar SK
  117. Green auction tracker?
  118. Few questions from an outsider
  119. Ideal population distribution
  120. Which mega guild will dominate the raid scene and be Green (2019) first villain?
  121. Least time to 50
  122. Classic str messages
  123. Classic Tanks
  124. a bit of knowledge for the kiddies.
  125. Starting erud wiz. Talk me out of it.
  126. lower level mage pets casting spells.... or not?
  127. There was no blue line on the XP bar at launch.
  128. Satellite Internet!
  129. Instead of arguing over Ogre FSI, which class is Ogre best at?
  130. The End of Green
  131. Returning player with a few questions.
  132. Damage Shield Buff Duration?
  133. Moving spells in spellbook? (potential warning for green spell casters)
  134. How long on blue until...
  135. Lonely Hearts Exp Group
  136. all them choices - classes
  137. We going to need a different folder/installation for green?
  138. What level do you think the /list will be for the guk items?
  139. Who else is doing a speed run char?
  140. Is there a release date for Green?
  141. Achievements!
  142. Farming planar trash in PUGs
  143. To those who really really want classic.
  144. Banned and Abandoned Account Names on Green
  145. Preventing the Next Macequest
  146. Tradeskill viability/usefulness
  147. Innoruuk Symbol Quests
  148. C/D: Will STAMINA DRAIN Be Functional?
  149. OFFTOPIC: Sense-of-scale In EverQuest!
  150. Exp penalties?
  151. You Better Start...
  152. Mayong Mistmoore
  153. More class questions. MOAR
  154. What Green WON'T have to start with
  155. Evil Erudite clerics at launch?
  156. green hype videos
  157. Ravenscale drops
  158. Newbie Zones: Ready for Launch?
  159. Project 1999 Green News Articles
  160. Green fashionquester's rejoice!
  161. Word of Green99 is really starting to spread!
  162. Name concerns are Fake News
  163. Excited for blue, when green drops =)
  164. WTS Server First SSoY
  165. Another guise query
  166. How badly will shit be camped?
  167. Pickpocketing on Green
  168. Guildwar
  169. Official Staff Explanation on how Green Hybrid/Race Penalty XP will function, please?
  170. What makes your class objectively the most fun?
  171. Will VP be a no csr zone as per classic?
  172. Green etiquette?
  173. Potions on green?
  174. Can we have a green only rnf/trade sections
  175. List Questions
  176. Newb Tips
  177. Instill Doubt / Intimidation
  178. Class advice - Dungeon Crawler
  179. Necro Vs. Bard = GO!
  180. class selection woez
  181. Pleasssseeeee Open Green Early on 10/25
  182. Will fear open with 46+ cap?
  183. It's not too late to change your class/race combo! *FASHION QUEST*
  184. Tank situation on Green?
  185. Getting from Halas to Freeport?
  186. Introduction to Green Server Miniseries, “Going Green”
  187. Consenting players
  188. Bloody Kithicor
  189. Compare and contrast: Green start map vs Live
  190. Summoned Pets
  191. Quest exp in a group?
  192. Corpse summons
  193. Imbued Platinum Fire Ring???
  194. Green will only allow 6 keybinds?
  195. Giving People Permission to Loot Your Corpse
  196. Mages were HORRIBLE at launch
  197. GitHub repository of research resources
  198. Bread Quest
  199. So how did they do necro charm on blue?
  200. Starting stats DE cleric
  201. Something to tank about
  202. Seeking Basic Pointers
  203. Static pre-made for Green LFM
  204. Bard Brass
  205. Snare + Root?
  206. Lesser Faydark Quests
  207. Green beta?
  208. Stat items?
  209. Basic UI Functions Green Won’t Have
  210. Poll: What will be your early leveling region be in Green?
  211. Surefall Glade on Green?
  212. Green Launch Hardcore Power Group
  213. best start stats for monk green
  214. Bard Swarming on Green
  215. Pet damage % vs EXP gain %
  216. Advice: How hard is it to be evil?
  217. What Factions.. Not in kunark or velious
  218. What will be your religion on Green?
  219. Erudite Necro
  220. Velious UI question.
  221. Definite Iksar Vs. Necro Answer?
  222. Cultural Tradeskills?
  223. Green Launch Population?
  224. Qeynos Newbie Quests
  225. GREEN BETA is UP!
  226. Green Beta launch today? 🤔
  227. Wiki Changes
  228. No clarity for enchanters on green
  229. Newbie suggestions
  230. Hyped for Green
  231. To the P99 Dev team..
  232. Human caster?
  233. **OFFICIAL** Green UI revealed by Nilbog
  234. Starter Robe Colors?
  235. An Overview of Legacy Items | “Going Green” Episode 2 of 3
  236. Given a standard timeline, how many characters are you planning?
  237. Do you plan on raiding GREEN?
  238. New Character Spawn Location
  239. How long to 50?
  240. Green Beta access
  241. Large Sewing Kits weigh 3 pounds!
  242. Widescreen vs fullscreen whatsit viewport stuff.
  243. shout outs to the queen klaknak killas
  244. The Velious enforced UI.
  245. Any chance we can keep our Green beta names?
  246. Necro's and Shamans wont get charm as per Rogean.
  247. Velious UI Buttons wrong color
  248. Can a High elf cleric buy spells at Freeport cleric guild ?
  249. Classic blindness
  250. Are Mage pets supposed to be move at slow speed when following the caster?