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  1. Othmir Prexus Totem: Quest Giver Ate Turn In
  2. Iksars should not be able to use Champion's armor for a bit
  3. Cannot single pull Warden Bruke
  4. Leuz Task's - Kromrif Captain
  5. Lodizal shell shield
  6. Kromzek Mercenary Brooches
  7. Plane of Mischief - Funny Money Combine? (Empty Pot of Gold)
  8. Coldain Ring Bugs
  9. Coldain Ring War #10
  10. Coldain Ring War #10
  11. Quest bug: Mask of the Tundra Walker
  12. Leuz's Task
  13. Black Pantherskin Armor - Wrong Weight
  14. Frost/Storm Giant Toes Sentry Kcor
  15. Giants Spawned from Scout Tools Need Some Space
  16. Declaration of war (2nd time)
  18. Bondl Felligan Pathing Issue
  19. Ring 9 - Seneschal Aldikar wont give box - Red
  20. Coldain Ring 8 - Garadain not spawning upon marching orders turn in
  21. Plane of Mischief - Gift Box Quest
  22. Shaman Epic Quest Bug.... Wandering Spirit.
  23. Rogue Epic and Pick Pocketing Tani N`Mar
  24. Brother Z
  25. Druid Epic Quest Bug - Need Help Please!
  26. Difficulty with Spirit Sentinel Turn in (Shaman Epic)
  27. Epic turn in fails (rog)
  28. Bow of the Huntsman: Can't hug wall to get past See Invis NPC
  29. Faelin Bloodbriar
  30. Anson Mcbale not spawning (Rogue Epic)
  31. Storm Reapers Faction
  32. Coldain ring quest - 2 icefang up
  33. Paw of Opolla
  34. Wizard Epic
  35. Symbols of cazic Thule broken
  36. Default Erudite SK faction with Temple of Life
  37. Iksar Shaman Cudgel quest
  38. Rabbid Wolves can be done by any faction
  39. Lizard Meat Quest not providing coin reward, Bug?
  40. Monk Epic Quest
  41. Sentry Xyrin Quest
  42. Infected Rat Livers (Toxxulia)
  43. The Emissary
  44. Iksar Shaman Skull/Cudgel #6 Quest
  45. Qeynos: Captain Tillin - Gnoll Fangs turnin
  46. Brother Balatin RotWF REDSERVER
  47. Shouldn't Tarton's Wheel be in the game on Green?
  48. Undead Grimrot Spawn rate.
  49. Erudin Guard Faction Hits
  50. The troll Urako is a female on P99 green and should be a male or is it a sign
  51. Coldwater barracuda liver in CS
  52. Failed Ring War: Dwarves not responding to "For the Dain, attack!"
  53. dread forge armor
  54. Ring War 10 Bug with Dwarves
  55. 2h blunt + range item equiped
  56. Plane of Sky : NPC Enderbite Rod of the Protecting Winds quest glitch.
  57. Green server Initiate Symbol of Innoruuk
  58. Bloodmaw bugged
  59. Green Server: Are Summoning of* Quests enabled?
  60. Vkjor's Minor Task
  61. Brother Zephyl/Idol/Multiquest
  62. Korrigain + Icefang
  63. Blue: Lightsones turn in North Karana
  64. Tesch Val Scrolls Exp Amount 50% Lower
  65. a dancing skeleton bug for shackle of rock quest on green server
  66. soulfire bugs plz help stuck
  67. Crushbone Quests Broken
  68. Torvax Vmar - Plaguebringer Proof issue
  69. Quench Lasen's Thirst
  70. Quest Bug: 2nd Necromancer Skullcap
  71. Can't Use Cloudy Potion While Trading With Neclo
  72. The velium focus
  73. Shovel of Ponz Bug
  74. Mandala sketch not spawning for Spirit of Gazicor
  75. Crusaders of the Greenmist
  76. Shaman plane of Sky Test
  77. Commander Leuz's Task - Kromzek Spawns
  78. High Priestess Mitty-Green Server
  79. Noob Necromancer Headgear Second Tier broken Iksar
  80. Lord Gimblox broke?
  81. Fresh Baked Muffins quest
  82. "The Bread Shipment" quest, karana plague event
  83. A sleeping ogre- Trunt
  84. Ring 8 turn in quest bug
  85. Kromrif Recruiter - Wage War Upon The Coldain
  86. Bard Sky Item Trade
  87. Nojas Blackfist - Kael - Sifaye Abominations Quest
  88. Monk epic brother balatin MQ fail?
  89. Leatherfoot Raider Cap
  90. Questline Failure - Druid Epic
  91. Golin's bone chips should not drop
  92. Soulfire quest bug
  93. Faction Quest Broken?
  94. PoM Combine: Vambraces of Distraction
  95. A dwarves smith not responding
  96. Perrir Zexus not accepting Leatherfoot Skullcaps.
  97. Necromancer 4th Skullcap
  98. Servant's Staff bugged?
  99. Velium Retrieval/Bracer of Hammerfall Quest
  100. Steel Hilted Flint Dagger: incorrect drop rate
  101. "An Interrogator" for Qeynos Badge Quest South Karana Bugged
  102. Sentry Kale faction
  103. PoSky Key Issue
  104. Shovel of Ponz
  105. Spirit Aid: 2 broken purified spirit armor pieces
  106. Pickled Froglok quest possibly broken
  107. Prestidigitator's Gloves Bug?
  108. Hasten not responding to hails
  109. Spirit of Garzicor Shaped Blade Core
  110. Ice Goblin Beads