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  1. Harvest Spell
  2. 2 Month into Velious Patch
  3. Nature's Touch
  4. Abscond Location for Cobalt Scar
  5. Form of the Great Bear prevents Slam Skill
  6. Druid bear pet
  7. Focus of Spirirt
  8. Druid Spell: Protection of the Glades
  9. Mana Shroud
  10. Minion of Shadows and Servant of Bones
  11. Malo and Tash being resisted.
  12. VoG shouldn't stack with FoS at release.
  13. Summon Companion - should turn off /guard?
  14. Aegolism and PotG
  15. Mask of the Hunter
  16. Zoning to apply buffs (SoW/Girdle of Karana)
  17. Wind of Tash resist by Dozekar
  18. Level 255 Ranger/Paladin spells
  19. Protection of the Glades stacking with Barrier of Force and Manaskin
  20. Song: Cantata of Soothing
  21. Weaponshield disc
  22. Necro Scent and Bard OoS not stacking
  23. Nature Walkers Behest pet HP / max hit
  24. Group resist buffs
  25. Did something change in the resist system?
  26. Druid SoV Debuffs
  27. Cancel magic change?
  28. Spamming Gauntlets of Infuse causes LD
  29. enchanter mezz duration
  30. Spirit of oak visual model problem
  31. spirit of Cheetah (24) overwrites Form of the Hunter (60)
  32. Form of the hunter drops when zoning
  33. Diamondskin Scroll wrong
  34. Form of Hunter overwritten by lv 24 spell
  35. Casting tree form over Form of Hunter results in no tree illusion
  36. Necro (38) Chilling Embrace
  37. Druid Spell Problems
  38. Avatar + Rez Effects
  39. Porlos' Fury / Spell: Hsagra's Wrath should not require belly cast
  40. Mana drain on bards
  41. Bard's Puretone discipline issues
  42. Monster Summoning Spelling Error
  43. Invis/sahauri's sonorous clouding (bard invis) stacking issue
  44. Celestial Cleansing has non-classic particle effect
  45. CH from Donal BP has buff graphic
  46. AOE Rain Spells' charges consumed by pets
  47. Taunt Functionality on mobs 60-65
  48. wavecrasher unresistable, nearly unresistable?
  49. Call of Earth and Speed of Shissar stacking issue
  50. Paladin and Shadowknight spells
  51. Spell: Cripple
  52. Primal Avatar Spell
  53. Others should not be able to buff Druid and Cleric pets
  54. Psalm of Warmth & Composition of Ervaj
  55. Holyforge Discipline should critical on live mobs?
  56. Splurt 52 Necro
  57. Mana Shroud debuff icon is empty
  58. "alargeundeadgnoll pet" in DoT tick messages
  59. Focus of Spirit stacking with STR/DEX buffs - thoughts?
  60. Ranger spells
  61. Wizard spell: Wakening Lands Portal
  62. Occlusion of Sound bard mr/fr/cr debuff not taking hold
  63. Lets talk about Cinda's Charismatic Carillon...
  64. Chilling Embrace
  65. Bard Resist Rebuffing
  66. Vampiric Curse and Soul Consumption recourse
  67. Ancient Breath - Should be Magic Based
  68. Focus and Cripple not stacking
  69. yaulp Iv )lvl 60 pal spell does not let us mem
  70. Divine might to have 0 second stun =interrupt
  71. Lay Hands Ability
  72. [Bard] Cantata of Soothing - No instrument mod?
  73. Target Group Buff
  74. Call of Sky with bows
  75. Frenzy shaman spell
  76. Call of Earth and Speed of the Shissar
  77. Wizard Gate spells in Velious.
  78. Talisman of the Raptor
  79. Eye of Tallon
  80. Lvl12 magician aoe spell : Column of fire
  81. Egress not working in Frontier Mountains
  82. Cassindra's Chrous Of Clarity Not Working
  83. Superior Camouflage Question?
  84. lossings scribed spell after death
  85. Shaman Spirit of Cheetah
  86. Poison Storm & Infectios Cloud (Shaman)
  87. Speed of the Shissar
  88. necro epic spell effects
  89. Invisibility, and your character
  90. 255 spell?
  91. Tunare's Request
  92. Monster Summoning II
  93. Pet and Damage Shield Question
  94. Luclin Spell Effects
  95. Anyone care to research these?
  96. Shaman: Spirit Quickening
  97. Ensnaring root issue
  98. Shortened Bard Song Name...?
  99. bard epic not landing on groupmates
  100. [Green/Teal] Whirl till you hurl
  101. Malaise & Endure Fire
  102. Please delete
  103. Minor Illusion - JBoots
  104. Enchant Silver has the wrong mana cost
  105. Green - Bard animations broken
  106. Green Server-Enchanter INT and CHA buff not stacking
  107. Dragon Roar costs mana?
  108. Shaman Cannibalize not giving .4 x HP loss
  109. Invigorate on Grand Master's Chest Wraps healing for 63 (L1 amount) Not Scaling!
  110. Particle Effect Issue
  111. Dawncaller not proc'ing
  112. Paladin Lay on Hands bugged?
  113. Jeldorin healing for 162 instead of 180?
  114. Drain Soul Felwithe
  115. Spell Grammar Error (Dunno if this is proper forum)
  116. Issues with Levant and Day/Night cycle
  117. Wizard Bane/Concussion aggro
  118. Thurg Cleric BP Clicky Level Req?
  119. AE Rain trying to hit groups pets
  120. Ranger spells (level 255)
  121. Visions of Granduer - Green
  122. Illusion Halfling (size incorrect?)
  123. Wake of Tranquility
  124. Song of Midnight - no movement modifier
  125. Gift of Xev?
  126. Magician lvl 57 Earth Pet change
  127. Paladin Divine Might
  128. Scribing spell error
  129. Mage pet summon level requirement
  130. Holyforge Paladin discipline doesn't seem to work with latest patch files
  131. Cast Sight does not stack with Speed of the Shissar
  132. Wizard Targeted AOE Spells ( Al'Kabor line)
  133. 49th lv mage pet more than 200 mana?
  134. Maniacal Strength
  135. Spell: Great Divide Gate not listed on Terblyn Zelbus' items for sale
  136. Druid spell Immolate does not do any damage after recent patch
  137. Summon Companion
  138. Greater Vocaration pets hitting for less after patch
  139. i think mage lv24 pet (Summoning: Earth) max hit is a bug
  140. Yaulp IV does not stack with Grim Aura.
  141. Treant's Creeping Crud dot blocks regenerate buff. Bug?
  142. Succor taking more mana than expected
  143. Revisiting the Day / Night cycle for spells
  144. Boltran's Agacrie
  145. Psalm of Vitality // Psalm of Purity not curing isnt classic
  146. Koi Dagger - Siren Song, Dagger of the Sea has spelling error
  147. Bard spell line not working
  148. Quivering Veil of Xarn should be castable during daytime
  149. Lagarn's Lamentation blocking Mez
  150. Druid/Ranger Spells
  151. Desperate Hope - wrong absorb value
  152. Zlandi Fear instant warp
  153. Druid spell Frost, particle effect wrong
  154. No longer getting message that root has worn off
  155. "Your spell did not take hold" when healing with Nature's Touch
  156. Fungal Regrowth and Ring 10
  157. Rez effects and Bear form
  158. Singing Steel Breastplate Should Heal for 100
  159. Quivering Veil blocked by Arch Lich
  160. Shift Modifier for Clickys Not wokring
  161. Possible Wizard Bolt Spell Bug
  162. Greenmist VS skin like nature
  163. Wizard "Spiral" Spells
  164. Conglaciation of Bones "Bug" not dropping
  165. Symbol of Ryltan Bugged
  166. Bug With 'Bravery' Spell
  167. Graphics bug - Ancient Wyvern Hide Tunic (Self Only Visible Problem)
  168. Root + FD drops aggro while mob rooted
  169. Your gate is too unstable, and collapses
  170. Soul Consumption/Disease Cloud issue
  171. Deadeye - no infravision
  172. Sebilite Pox broken
  173. Egress is now outdoors only?
  174. Necro Spell - Scent of Terris - Resist Mod