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Originally Posted by Solist [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Thats not how shield AC works broski.

There is a worn item AC 'cap' in which returns on mitigation AC diminish above that cap. Shields are in addition to this worn AC cap. As far as I'm aware nothing that is a weapon adds mitigation AC at the full rate of return.

That said, returns on AC above the worn AC cap are still ridiculously strong for most classes so it's always better to stack it anyway.

300 worn AC soft cap for a paladin, so anything above that you add up on each item is adding 34% of the effective mitigation AC. But the displayed number is still the same. So if you were naked and put a vulak axe on, you get the full benefit of the 80AC. If you're geared above 300 worn AC, you get the effect of 27AC. A 50AC shield however would give you 50AC.

Distinguishing what offhand items are shields is harder, the bash test is one way.

I also don't know if the tunare sword of vulak axe are shields either, they very well might be. Would take an hour or so either way to parse. By being above worn cap with a couple of items removed, and tanking something with vulak axe, then adding 80AC from something else like statue breastplate and vulak ear and removing axe. Should get identical results. 27 to 80AC is a fairly big difference and would show up on a cliff golem or something without having to endure hours of clicking a hosh staff on someone.

TLDR: Your displayed AC number is just a number, does not reflect whats going on behind the scenes. It always displays the worn AC amount+defense modifier regardless of if it's above or below a class cap.
This is how most understand AC to work, there may be some debate as to what the actual softcap is though. I was just shocked to see Rip claim that those weapons add shield AC, never heard that before. I wonder if he would lump Nature's Defender in there as well with 45 AC.

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