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Old 11-21-2023, 09:21 AM
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Default Named mobs in Dalnir poof when cast on

Ran into what seems like a bug when hunting in crypt of dalnir the other day. Several of the named spawns there, including but probably not limited to spectral crusader, coerced crusader, coerced revenant, and coerced channeler, would simply despawn (pet as well) if a detrimental spell was cast on them, including mez, charm, and root. They could be body-pulled as normal by getting close enough to them, but casting on them at their spawn point would cause them to despawn (disappear and lose target). Once they had taken damage, they could be cast on and not disappear. I believe that makes the difference, as I had a whole bunch of mobs aggroed on my pet once, including channeler. I threw an ae mez on them and poof goes channeler, despite him being aggroed and not on spawn point anymore. Also, they would deliver their aggro messages as normal before disappearing. After poofing like this, they or a ph would respawn at the next respawn time like normal.

I would have done more extensive testing but I wanted some items from the named and wasn't trying to lose any more of them. Damndest thing.

I know it's not the most happening zone in the game and I did get what I came for but it would suck to see someone else wait on a rare spawn for a few hours just to have it go bye-bye when they go to pull with tash or strip enchantment or whatever they normally pull with.
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