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Old 11-18-2023, 07:19 PM
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Default Sebilite Pox broken

Reviving this older proc bug thread around Sebilite Pox

TLDR; Sebilite Pox is not acting as a dot (like splurt) that increases in damage over time, it is instead healing the mob every tick.

Proof screenshots

Image 1 right after proc Sebilite Pox on skeleton. His HP is at 34%.

Image 2 After a server dot tick. Notice skele is still in combat with me but now is at 43% life.

Image 3 After another server dot tick. Skele still in combat and now at 53%.

Let me know if more evidence is needed.

The spell details are here It should be a 110DD then a DOT over time (like splurt/shaman epic) that increases a lil bit each tick.

The skeleton was regenerating and it should have been dying.

Thanks for your continued work on this project! Ya'll rock
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