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Old 12-06-2023, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Snaggles [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Most guilds canít do a 18-25 person vindi without a neckbeard composition of chain-dying bane wizards. AoW ainít no VindiÖ

If you are feeling adventurous with your pet choice during a draft Iíd get a few knights and some other Enchís try to wrangle Yetarr. Basically each knight just buying a couple seconds for the next Dictate to land. Unless they are solidly geared the sacrifice would be worth it. Assuming your ench squad can handle it.
Sanctum did this on one of our AoW kills a few drafts back. It went pretty well, with room for improvement. Used 3 enchanters for Yetarr's slot by doing controlled pet breaks to swap (so 8 enchanters holding 5 pets + Yetarr, with 2 open at any given time). On break we mostly just allowed him to path towards his enchanter snared until the fresh dictate landed, since he wasn't tanking here. so wouldn't summon.

We ended up with this parse:

/GU The Avatar of War in 347s, 993k @2862 | Yetarr 126k | A Drakkel Dire Wolf 69631 | Dyeniel + pets 46464 | Darkin + pets 33024 | Trooper Pejhayor 26092 | Trooper Ymmedlor 23885 | Repo 22764 | Jayya 22701 | Snurre 21297 {X} | Kobayashii 21147 {X} | Lookwhosbehind 18885 | Senior Guard Whiteaxe 18427 | Shoeshineboy 18047 | Jadsen 17638 {X} | Teslacoil 17199

Yetarr did 362 DPS. Log file analysis showed we had him on target for 56% of the fight, so improving that could potentially get up to ~500-600ish. That seems about right based on relative AC vs. Vindi, as we've got some parses of him doing 750 dps vs. Vindi, and I do about 2/3 as much damage to AoW as I do to Vindi, so it lines up pretty well.
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