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Default Server Situational Rules

Rules for staff interaction / where to petition for stuff

1. Do not send us direct tells unless it is a DIRE emergency. Your account being banned or suspended does not qualify as a dire emergency. sorry. Bugged raid mobs, serious game breaking exploits like dupes, training (obvious malicious training ONLY), current obvious boxing etc could all be considered an emergency.

2. Do not cop an attitude with us when speaking with us. If you are disrespectful with anyone on the staff you can receive a suspension. Some players seem to think it's okay to say whatever they want to and then say "I was just talking shit" or "i was just joking around". Just don't do it.

3. If you have an issue in game then /petition in game and when we are able to get to you we will get to you. Do not send direct tells asking if we got your petition. If you typed /petition (message) then we got your petition.

4. Do not petition more than once. Petitioning brief petitions that all have to do with one another ends up (A) spamming the petition queue (B) screwing you over because we can only read the shortest petition that is sent. We can NOT read each of your petitions about so and so stealing your camp. So send all info in ONE petition then wait.

4.1 Do not petition "I need a GM" this doesn't tell us anything.

4.2 Here is an image illustrating what our petition queue looks like right now:
[You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

4.3 If you have an issue with someone on the staff then it is your responsibility to let Sirken, or Rogean, or Nilbog know. Posting a RNF post because StaffMember01 banned you for 2-boxing AND running MQ is not the same thing as PMing me with "I think StaffMember01 was unfair" or PMing me with "I feel like you were unfair".

5. If you need a reimbursement for dropped items, items that poofed during a trade, or if you sold an item to a merchant by accident, then you need to petition on the forums.

5.1 If you need a reimbursement for deleted items, items that poofed because they were in a norent bag, items that were eaten by NPC, items that were turned in to the wrong NPC, then you need to petition in game.

6. DO NOT Hunt staff members down in IRC/PMs to discuss your account status (ban or suspension or whatever) UNLESS they tell you in your properly filed petition (in the petitions/exploits forum of course) to come do so.

7. DO NOT send the staff direct Private messages asking about your bans. Post those in petitions/exploits forum please, then see #6

8. GM decisions are not up for public review or debate, nor are they for you to make.. If you don't like our decisions then that's definitely your right, however you don't get the right to sit and criciticize staff decisions on the message boards and you definitely don't get to troll the staff.. we obviously reserve the right to lock and/or delete your threads if you break this rule.

You can always appeal a decision if you feel you were wronged or treated unfairly by the staff by petitioning in the petitions/exploits forum. ALWAYS! Nobody is perfect, including the staff. we all are going to make mistakes, just be respectful and civilized when you talk to the staff if you want them to actually listen to you.

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