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Default Zone Type Listings in Relation to Camps

This list is provided to share how the staff typically categorizes each zone for camp purposes. This represents a summary ruling for each zone, and is overridden by any mobs with specific camp rules/rulings (for example, Lucan, VT, VD).

Plane of Air - Dungeon
Ak'Anon - Dungeon
The Arena - Open-World
Befallen - Dungeon
Gorge of King Xorbb - Dungeon
Blackburrow - Dungeon
The Burning Wood - Open-World
Butcherblock Mountains - Open-World
Cabilis East - Open-World
Cabilis West - Open-World
Dagnor's Cauldron - Open-World
Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule - Dungeon
Howling Stones - Dungeon
Chardok - Dungeon
The City of Mist - Dungeon
Cobalt Scar - Open-World
West Commonlands - Open-World
Crushbone - Dungeon
Crystal Caverns - Dungeon
Dreadlands - Open-World
Temple of Droga - Dungeon
Eastern Plains of Karana - Open-World
Eastern Wastelands - Open-World
East Commonlands - Open-World
The Emerald Jungle - Open-World
Erudin - Open-World
Erudin Palace - Open-World
Erud's Crossing - Open-World
Everfrost - Open-World
Plane of Fear - Dungeon
The Feerrott - Open-World
Northern Felwithe - Open-World
Southern Felwithe - Open-World
Field of Bone - Open-World
Firiona Vie - Open-World
East Freeport - Open-World
North Freeport - Open-World
West Freeport - Open-World
Frontier Mountains - Open-World
Tower of Frozen Shadow - Dungeon
Greater Faydark - Open-World
Great Divide - Open-World
Grobb - Open-World
Plane of Growth - Dungeon
Ruins of Old Guk - Dungeon
Guk - Dungeon
Halas - Open-World
Plane of Hate - Dungeon
High Keep - Dungeon
Highpass Hold - Dungeon
The Hole - Dungeon
Iceclad Ocean - Open-World
Innothule Swamp - Open-World
Kael Drakkel - Dungeon
Kaesora - Dungeon
South Kaladim - Dungeon
North Kaladim - Dungeon
Karnor's Castle - Dungeon
Kedge Keep - Dungeon
Kithicor Woods - Open-World
Kurn's Tower - Dungeon
Lake of Ill Omen - Open-World
Lake Rathetear - Open-World
Lavastorm Mountains - Open-World
Lesser Faydark - Open-World
Plane of Mischief - Dungeon
Castle Mistmoore - Dungeon
Misty Thicket - Open-World
Najena - Dungeon
Dragon Necropolis - Dungeon
The Nektulos Forest - Open-World
Neriak Foreign Quarter - Dungeon
Neriak Commons - Dungeon
Neriak Third Gate - Dungeon
Northern Plains of Karana - Open-World
Northern Desert of Ro - Open-World
Oasis of Marr - Open-World
Oggok - Open-World
Ocean of Tears - Open-World
The Overthere - Open-World
Paineel - Open-World
Infected Paw - Dungeon
Permafrost Caverns - Dungeon
Qeynos Aqueduct System - Dungeon
Western Plains of Karana - Open-World
South Qeynos - Open-World
North Qeynos - Open-World
Qeynos Hills - Open-World
Rathe Mountains - Open-World
Rivervale - Open-World
Old Sebilis - Dungeon
Sirens Grotto - Dungeon
Skyfire Mountains - Open-World
Skyshrine - Dungeon
Sleepers Tomb - Dungeon
Solusek's Eye - Dungeon
Nagafen's Lair - Dungeon
Temple of Solusek Ro - Dungeon
Southern Plains of Karana - Open-World
Southern Desert of Ro - Open-World
Steamfont Mountains - Open-World
Stonebrunt Mountains - Open-World
Swamp Of No Hope - Open-World
Temple of Veeshan - Dungeon
City of Thurgadin - Dungeon
Icewell Keep - Dungeon
Timorous Deep - Open-World
Toxxulia Forest - Open-World
Trakanon's Teeth - Open-World
The Twilight Sea - Open-World
Estate of Unrest - Dungeon
Veeshan's Peak - Dungeon
Velketor's Labyrinth - Dungeon
The Wakening Lands - Open-World
Warrens - Dungeon
Warsliks Woods - Open-World
Western Wastes - Open-World
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