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Exclamation Doctor Accost | Let's Air Out This Trash

Alright, I wouldn't normally waste my time doing this but apparently the person on the other side of this is doing some sort of bizarre drunken smear campaign against me to keep his content going.

TLDR: I banned accost from my Twitch chat one month ago for an incident he had with someone by the name of Mccoze AKA Glizzinator who I consider to be a friend. He called him "retarded", insulted his profession and basically had one of the most toxic belligerent rants I've ever seen because Mccoze was unable to save him while Accost was afk in the bear pits drunk pissing. Later he said he was gonna kill himself, talked in great length about mental health in a sarcastic manner, and did other generally horrible Accost things.

Accost messaged me then, I confirmed why I banned him in a calm manner. He apologized, said he was having a manic episode, he's ashamed of himself, etc. etc. etc. One month goes by with zero communication between the two of us. Yesterday he started tagging me in other mutual EQ streamers twitch chats and calling me a pussy, saying my wife is a "mail order bride" because she's from Thailand, etc. I message him and say and tell him that I thought he respected my decision why is he talking trash on the internet a month later? He proceeds to call my children mongoloids, tells me to kill myself, calls me an uneducated retard, and much more!

He has pulled up bits and pieces of our dialogue on his stream to try and frame me as some sort of Karen that is jealous of his illustrious streamer/doctor career and education. Below you will find the UNEDITED, UNABRIDGED, FULL conversation between the two of us, for your reading pleasure.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of this conversation LMK and I'll gladly share direct screenshots from Twitch.

**I get pretty toxic too I'm sure, really nothing in comparison but can ya blame me?**

accost: Not sure what I did bud but if you donít want me in your chat no big deal.
accost: Didnít mean to make it awkward while you were streaming sorry, just genuinely wasnít sure if it was intentional or not.
8/16/2023, 10:32:02 PM
accost: I genuinely have considered you a friend so if Iíve done anything to upset you, I apologize, definitely wasnít intentional.
8/17/2023, 1:09:30 AM
UltraPissed: Hey dude, So a week or two ago I had some chatters come into my chat and were genuinely upset about some shit that went down between you and Mccoze. To be clear, it was not Mccoze coming into my chat but other regulars. Of course I went back and watched some vods and shit. I know you talk your shit and whatever im fine with everyone and its just fucking around, whatever, but to me it did feel like a little too much and was pretty tough to watch. After giving it some thought, I decided that it's just not something I want to be associated with. Your personality is loud, it isn't kinda like just a flaw you can overlook because it's right there and really can't be avoided. Rather than waiting for something to happen I decided it was in my best interest to just seperate myself entirely so that's what I've decided to do.
UltraPissed: I don't like jokes about killing yourself, I don't like jokes about mental disabilities and shit like that. I can hear a few and not freak out sure, but it ain't my business to tell you how to behave I can only moderate my own shit so that it is what I want it to be. No hard feelings, that's just the decision I've made. You're a funny dude and I've had lots of fun in your chat too, but after giving it thought this is where I ended up.
accost: Quite honestly the entire McCoze situation was out of line. I completely agree with you. I wonít make excuses about it. I got way too upset and said a lot of things that I definitely regret. I havenít been streaming as much lately entirely because of that situation. I shouldnít be getting upset enough to blow up that hard at anyone in a video game. I tried to apologize and Iíve apologized on stream for my behavior. I donít take those things lightly either and to be honest I donít know where any
accost: As a medical professional those arenít things I believe, nor stand for. Unfortunately I had a brief moment of blinding rage. I donít know where any of the things I said even came from. They arenít things I believe in. As a regular in my stream you know this isnít my regular behavior nor is it content I put out or things Iíve ever said before.
accost: When you stream all of your free time, hundreds and hundreds of hours and and you make a mistake 50 second mistake that is recorded and will never go away thereís not much you can do other than apologize profusely. Which is what I have tried to do. I regrettably made the biggest mistake Iíve made in over a year of streaming. 50 seconds that I canít take back and wish never happened.
accost: Iím terribly sorry about the entire episode. I take mental health extremely seriously as Iíve gone through many issues with depression, suicide, and bipolar disorder which Iíve openly talked about on stream. I was hospitalized for all of these things personally. I agree with you that jokes about these issues are far far out of line. I honestly think I was having a manic attack, which generally Iím able to control. But like I said when you stream hundreds and hundreds of hours you are bound to ma
accost: Long story short, I had a manic episode (Iím bipolar) I blew up at mccoze, I regret it. I made a huge mistake. I wish this one mistake didnít erase all my past. Bipolar disorder is something I struggle with but control. Unfortunately in over a year I made one horrible mistake and it cost me friends and respect for myself.
accost: I respect your decision. Sorry I wonít be able to enjoy your content or friendship anymore. Thanks for the friendship weíve enjoyed prior. Sorry I let you down, sorry I let my community down, and more importantly sorry I lost some friends and personal respect for myself.
accost: Iíll probably stop streaming after this last subathon ends anyway. Itís clearly not good for my own personal mental health. And everything Iíve gained or gleaned from streaming was erased in one manic episode with mccoze and I tarnished my reputation. Literally making myself a internet pariah. May as well start wrapping it up honestly
accost: Sorry man
accost: I honestly thought we were homies, kinda sucks you just perma banned and erased me without even talking to me about it. People just expect everyone to be 100% infallible. Like because Iím a streamer I canít also struggle with mental health issues or make mistakes.
--3 weeks of silence--
UltraPissed: It's funny that you say you respect my decision and understand, and that you're sorry. Then when I don't fall for your manipulation apology you harass me on the internet a whole ass month later. Assess yourself and try to improve. Seek help maybe bud meatbo5Think
Today, 6:01:17 PM
accost: LMAO
accost: you are a fucking pussy ass karen bitch
accost: you literally paid for your wifes green card
accost: because you couldnt get shit else
accost: stfu
UltraPissed: wife a citizen but aiight
accost: you ban me for something that has nothing to do with you?
accost: ya i bet she is
UltraPissed: I just think you're a shit person
accost: with your mongoloid children
UltraPissed: bad personality, negative, toxic
accost: i think you are a fucking pussy
UltraPissed: hating on peoples lives and kids
UltraPissed: cuz u got none
UltraPissed: LOL
accost: with your 8 viewer ass
UltraPissed: u got no job
accost: LMFAO
UltraPissed: no apartment
accost: I dont?
UltraPissed: no relationship
UltraPissed: get your first apartment bud
accost: I am a doctor you fucking retard
accost: LMFAO
UltraPissed: you arent a doctor
accost: I literally have a MD
UltraPissed: just a liar
UltraPissed: with a rich dad
accost: Oh are you sure?
accost: Let me send you my fucking degree
accost: you fucking ape
accost: You are nothing
UltraPissed: I dont care
UltraPissed: about your degree
UltraPissed: or you
UltraPissed: your just an asshole
accost: You didnt go to college
UltraPissed: end
UltraPissed: end of convo
accost: you are a fuckig pussy
UltraPissed: youre a sad little man
accost: and I would beat the shit out of you and move on
accost: I am?
accost: Coo
UltraPissed: terrible person
accost: Enjoy your 8 viewers
UltraPissed: admit when youre wrong
UltraPissed: you child
UltraPissed: grow up
accost: LMFAO
UltraPissed: u got nothing on me or my life, I dont need to brag or boast, those who know me know whats up
accost: Im wrong? Mccoze isnt even upet and your Karen bitch ass is crying
UltraPissed: dr. accost
accost: LMFAO
accost: you are actually no body
accost: you didnt go to college
accost: you are shit at life
UltraPissed: I got a good job, good wife, good life, im happy
accost: you have a fucking green card wife
accost: and ape kids
UltraPissed: youre drunk on EQ hating yourself
accost: LMFAO
accost: cool
accost: I am?
UltraPissed: seek help
accost: Im sitting here making money
accost: while you fucking whine
UltraPissed: begging for money*
accost: cute bro
accost: I am?
accost: Im begging?
UltraPissed: enjoy your begathon
UltraPissed: im not jealous
accost: Get a fucking degree
UltraPissed: I got a career
accost: go to school
accost: you fucking pathetic mother fucker
UltraPissed: I make more than all your subathons combined in 1 month -.-
accost: do you?
accost: Im a fucking MD
accost: LMFAO
UltraPissed: how u think I live in LA with 3 kids, in a gated community
accost: show me
UltraPissed: LOSER
UltraPissed: you pathetic bruh
UltraPissed: idc
accost: You life in the fucknig ghetto getting goverment money for you retard kids
accost: LUL
UltraPissed: I live in a gated community off miracle mile -.-
accost: Mongoloid
UltraPissed: ask about me bud
UltraPissed: ask about me
accost: Im sure
UltraPissed: enjoy your begathon
UltraPissed: go hate more
UltraPissed: drink another beer
accost: Hey pay for your mongoloid kids to get some fucking medicine
UltraPissed: threaten to kill yourself more
accost: I will
accost: LMFAO
accost: I did that?
UltraPissed: keep talking shit about my beautiful kids cuz u got none
UltraPissed: u forreal sad
UltraPissed: I hope u seek help
accost: its funny how you are so up to date on my life
accost: LMAO
UltraPissed: you angry at me a month later
UltraPissed: when shit already calmed down
accost: uneducated fucking simp ass bitch
UltraPissed: obviously hurt
accost: LMFAO
accost: Imma go do my thing while you cry about your mongoloid kids and your green card wife
accost: later bud
UltraPissed: truth hurts mayne
accost: Go to school
accost: LMAO
accost: get educated
accost: you fucking ape
UltraPissed: ask ur daddy
UltraPissed: to pay for my college
accost: At least i went
accost: LMAO
accost: I would ratherhave him pay then not go
UltraPissed: U have nothing to show for yourself
accost: LMAO
UltraPissed: enjoy your begathon
UltraPissed: you a bad look
accost: you literally just typed "U" at me
UltraPissed: thats why I dont want u around me
UltraPissed: sloppy drunk
accost: LMAO
UltraPissed: just get on with ur life
UltraPissed: leave me out of it
accost: "ur"
UltraPissed: dont tag me in chats
accost: go to fucking school
accost: pussy
UltraPissed: you are like a high school kid dude,
accost: "ur"
UltraPissed: personality of a 9th grader
accost: you can't even fucking spell.
accost: you illiterate ape
UltraPissed: I'm typing in twitch chat
accost: LMAO
UltraPissed: just go do something with yourself
UltraPissed: see a psychologist
accost: as if that matters?
UltraPissed: take more meds, whatever u gotta do
UltraPissed: stop drinking
UltraPissed: stop spreading hate
accost: You cant type in twitch chat because you cant type in rea life
accost: real life
accost: get educated
accost: then talk to me
UltraPissed: thats all u got bruv
UltraPissed: u still an asshole
accost: wrong level bitch
accost: I dont care?
accost: LMAO
UltraPissed: i know u dont
UltraPissed: thats why I banned u
accost: you are undereducated in america
UltraPissed: 🙂
UltraPissed: I got everything I need, im good
UltraPissed: hbu?
accost: Sorry i couldnt give you 9 viewers
UltraPissed: seems like u need some closure here
accost: instead of 8
accost: LMFAO
accost: I do?
UltraPissed: think so yeah
UltraPissed: seems like it
UltraPissed: sorry, go save mary jane again
accost: Hey man go stream to your 8 people
UltraPissed: she will give u a kiss
UltraPissed: I stream for fun
UltraPissed: it aint my career lul
accost: LMFAO thats an insult? its funy becase you literally are watching my life
UltraPissed: at least I dont lie about shit and call peoples kids mongoloids
accost: You are literally banning me and then literally keeping up on my life
accost: LMFAO
UltraPissed: this is all old news
accost: Iwhat did I lie about?
UltraPissed: that I've known, and everyone knows
accost: Old news? it happened five days ago?
UltraPissed: you came in azmis stream saying u got jumped and hospitalized
accost: I did
UltraPissed: kekw
accost: You want to see the fucking documents?
UltraPissed: did u call the people who beat ur ass mongoloids too?
accost: You are actually the dumbest shittiest person Ive ever talked to
accost: Nah, becuse they wernt
accost: your kids are
UltraPissed: damn, you must not get out alot then
accost: you fucking ape
accost: Get educated
accost: then come at me
accost: LOL
UltraPissed: just respect that I dont like ya bruv
UltraPissed: leave me alone
UltraPissed: youll be aiight
accost: My dad paid for my education, but I have one
UltraPissed: nice,
UltraPissed: tell ur psychologist bout it
accost: Weird how you sitting there talking about my dad paying when your dad probably left you when you were six
UltraPissed: ur dad pays for him too right
UltraPissed: my dad committed suicide
accost: Yep because he can
UltraPissed: thats why I dont like you
accost: To get away from you
UltraPissed: cuz u a joke
accost: LMFAO
accost: I would commit suicide if you were my son too
UltraPissed: oh word?
UltraPissed: what else
UltraPissed: tell me more
accost: Yea you are fucking worthless, under educated, cant find an actual wife from this country so you have to green card bait
UltraPissed: yeah
UltraPissed: how about you?
accost: And living in "LA" making mad money
UltraPissed: what did you find?
UltraPissed: I used to stream my work FYI, I not lying bout my work haha
accost: I have a medical degree, I didnt have time to go get a green card wife
UltraPissed: I dont gotta lie
UltraPissed: again, my 1 check more than all ur subathons combined
UltraPissed: and I dont have to rub my nipples on camera
accost: Ya I cant stream my work, its a HIPPA violation, if i picked up trash I could stream it
UltraPissed: u dont got a job mate
accost: I dont
accost: because im in schol
UltraPissed: streaming is your job lmao
accost: you fucking animal
UltraPissed: u aint in school either kekw
accost: Ok
accost: Ill send you my student ID
UltraPissed: go to class homie
UltraPissed: i dont want u to send me shit
UltraPissed: just leave me alone
UltraPissed: respect my decision like I said b4 u started cvrying
UltraPissed: drink another beer
accost: You are so stupid you dont understand that class is broadcasted online on blackboard
accost: LMFAO
accost: I will
accost: Its good
UltraPissed: have fun
accost: Im having a great time
UltraPissed: I bet
UltraPissed: hope u have even more fun
accost: making money, while you struggle with a foreign wife, mongoloid kids, and no education
UltraPissed: yeah im struggling tuff
accost: 🙂
UltraPissed: life is tough
UltraPissed: I barely getting by
accost: Oh you arent?
UltraPissed: I am
accost: 3kids must be hard with no education
accost: I bet you get really good job interviews
UltraPissed: yeah, life is hard
accost: with a high school degree
UltraPissed: I dont have a high school degree
UltraPissed: 😄
UltraPissed: but I got my own business, we chillin ova here I dont live wit my sister I pay my moms rent
accost: Im out bro, you are literally not worth my fucking time. When you get something more than a GED talk to me
accost: LMAO
accost: K
accost: cool man
UltraPissed: k
accost: 🙂
UltraPissed: cya bud
accost: that sounds awesome
accost: KYS
UltraPissed: hope u get help
accost: yep
UltraPissed: whats that mean?
UltraPissed: KYS?
accost: peace mate
accost: Figure it out
accost: with some education
UltraPissed: lmk
accost: ape
UltraPissed: so we clear
accost: BAI
accost: Dont care
accost: peace late
UltraPissed: hope u get help
accost: go to school
UltraPissed: probably wont
UltraPissed: but its ok
accost: I got plenty of help, my school even pays for my health insurance
UltraPissed: anything could happen right
accost: because im a fucking doctor
UltraPissed: oh dang
UltraPissed: nice
UltraPissed: must be nice
UltraPissed: doctor who tells everyone to kill themselves KEKW
accost: Nah just people who dont contribute to society
accost: like you
accost: LMAO
accost: retard
UltraPissed: so u wnat me to kill myself
UltraPissed: because I banned u in a twitch chat
UltraPissed: a little much no?
UltraPissed: maybe a little overreact? usually that is a sign of some other issue but idk im uneducated
accost: Dude im not even reading your piddly fucking soft garbage anymore, im literally gonna go back to doing my thing
accost: drinking beer
accost: and being smart
accost: peace guy
UltraPissed: u are super smart, good call
UltraPissed: what a guy
accost: LMAO
accost: I am
UltraPissed: I'm sure you are
UltraPissed: good for you, man
UltraPissed: go back to your thing
accost: Its sad that the only thing you got to come at me is that Im faking, when I will literally send you my student ID right now
UltraPissed: that you're doing, that smart thing
UltraPissed: go back to your thing
UltraPissed: its ok
UltraPissed: you can send it to mary jane
accost: LOL
accost: You aren't even able to retort
accost: pathetic
UltraPissed: I liked you better when you were doing a PR campaign trying to look like a hero
accost: I dont care what you like
UltraPissed: hope u take better care of yourself in the future
accost: You are uneducated
UltraPissed: it will help you to feel better
accost: You dont matter to me
UltraPissed: and you wont have to lash out like this
accost: Ah
UltraPissed: this is what they call "a cry for help"
UltraPissed: but u know that im sure
accost: you sitting there upset as fuck while Im drinking a beer laughing at your inability to spell regular fucking english words
UltraPissed: im not even mad kekw
accost: "u"
accost: are you fucking twleve
accost: LMAo
UltraPissed: are u laughing?
UltraPissed: its all cap bruh its aiight, some people just wont get along with u im one of them
accost: I bet your children are really smart, when their father didnt even graduate high school and can't even spell "you're" properly
accost: "you"
UltraPissed: na
accost: I bet your job is really professional
accost: LMAO
UltraPissed: no spellcheck plz how do I turn that feature off
accost: "ur"
accost: "you"
accost: "its twitch chat"
accost: "LMFAO"
accost: peace guy
accost: good luck with that
UltraPissed: have fun, seek help
UltraPissed: hope u feel better
accost: 🙂
UltraPissed: things will get better
UltraPissed: stop leaning so heavily into the alcohol and things will get better
accost: K, adios Ultrapussy, go karen someone else
UltraPissed: kk
accost: And maybe teach your children how to go federal aid for school
accost: They'll need it
UltraPissed: yeah, aid would be nice I make too much $$ to get most grants so it'll be tough :/ might start lying on my taxes
UltraPissed: In all earnesty I see right through you and I hope you get help. You can only continue on like this for so long before you have a breakdown forreal, and like you said you already have known issues. Wish u well ima block you so we don't have to bicker like high school children any more cuz im too old for this
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I see a page of a casual conversation between two idiots.

As a side note, I have heard nothing but bad things about Accost. I would just ignore him? Block? Who cares about what people who don't know you in real life have to say about your real life
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Originally Posted by zelld52 [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I see a page of a casual conversation between two idiots.

As a side note, I have heard nothing but bad things about Accost. I would just ignore him? Block? Who cares about what people who don't know you in real life have to say about your real life
Totally valid points. I banned him in chat and forgot about him. Yesterday he went into at least two different twitch chats that I was in and tagged me about a dozen times, commandeered these other people's whole stream to talk about my wife and family. No big deal, but I have elected to post the entire conversation here for your viewing pleasure. He is actively seeking me out across Twitch to talk shit so here I am dropping the whole thing so its public and anybody who is curious can see what actually happened. Just posting a rant/flame in the rant/flame section.
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Did AI suddenly stumble into a trove of Recondoe posts?
Apophis is closest to earth on 2029 April the 13th (a friday) lol
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Filed under didn’t read but yeah its funny that you and possibly others are mad!
Hey CSR When Will PNP Rule 14 Be Enforced?
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Names check out.
He accosted you.
You ultrapissed.

Mission accomplished.
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Originally Posted by DeathsSilkyMist View Post
With enough Clerics any class can survive AoW.
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pseudodrama to drive engagement
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Ahh, I remember the good ole P99 twitch drama days. Good times.

If everything Accost is saying is true about his "medical career", it won't last very long if this behavior continues. Seems like a drunk delusions of grandeur narcissist. Very nice combination to have (for entertainment purposes).
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Thanks to the other posters here actually reading and distilling information I noticed you may want to seek help for your alcoholism.
Apophis is closest to earth on 2029 April the 13th (a friday) lol
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