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Default Project 1999 Guidebook

Welcome to Project 1999!

Project 1999 is a free to play, emulated classic Everquest server. We provide a nostalgic experience for those wishing to relive the old days of Everquest as it was between 1999 and 2001.

1) Server Information

Project 1999: The Scars of Velious
This is our primary server, inheriting all base nicknames such as 'p99', 'p1999', and more specifically 'blue' (When being compared to PvP). This is a Non-PvP (PvE) Server.
This server is currently in the Velious expansion.

Project 1999: Red (PvP)
This is our PvP Server, nicknamed 'red1999', 'red99', 'p99red', or simply 'red'.
This server has caught up and will match the blue server in timeline.

2) Getting Started - Play Guide

In order to play on Project 1999 you must obtain a copy of Everquest: Titanium Edition. Only a clean Titanium install will work. You must acquire this on your own as we cannot distribute it, however there are many places to accomplish this. You do not need a valid CD Key.

Step 1 - Installation

Note: MacOS users should follow this guide for client installation instead of this step.

Install Everquest Titanium to a fresh directory. This directory must be separate from any live Everquest installs and dedicated to Project 1999. Some users have experienced trouble installing Titanium to their Program Files directory with Windows Vista/7/8, so an alternate path should be specified (Example: C:\EQEmu).

If you need further help installing Titanium there is a useful guide on the Wiki located Here.

DO NOT PATCH EVERQUEST. If you patch your Titanium install you will need to delete it and start over.

Once you have completed installation you will need to extract the Project 1999 required game file changes. The current distribution is Project 1999 Files (V57).
These files must overwrite any existing files encountered during extraction into your Titanium directory.

Step 2 - Forum Account
There are two distinct accounts that must be created before you can log into the game. The first is a forum account (This can be either a Project 1999 OR EQEmulator forum account). A forum account alone can not be used to log into the game, but can be used to manage any number of Loginserver accounts which will let you log in and play.

This entire process can be completed by following the Account Setup / Play Guide.

Please note that you will be required to validate your email address when registering. You are also strongly advised to attach an SMS Phone Number to your account for security reasons. Although this is not required, it is the only way to recover loginserver passwords.

Also note that, while true in the past, it is no longer required to have an EQEmulator Forum Account to create Loginserver accounts (This can now be accomplished via Project 1999 forum accounts). If you do not have an EQEmulator Forum Account you can skip the "EQEmulator Account Link" step. If you DO have an EQEmulator forum account, then it is recommended to link the accounts together so that they can both be managed.

Make sure that you continue returning to the Account Setup page to complete creation of your Loginserver accounts once your Forum account has been activated.

Step 3 - Done! Launching, Playing, and Optional Improvements
You're ready to play!

To launch the game, use the "Launch Titanium" file found in your Titanium directory (This should have been extracted from the Project 1999 Files).

Remember to NEVER launch "Everquest.exe" or patch the game. Doing this will require you to completely reinstall Titanium!

Many players use WinEQ2 provided by Lavishsoft, which has fixed Multi CPU/Core issues, crashing problems, and framerate, and is recommended for play.

To experience the Velious style user interface, navigate to your EQ Directory, then into your UIFiles folder. Create a folder named 'velious'. Download and extract this ZIP file into that folder: Velious UI Files
To use this interface in game, you must /loadskin velious.

To hear the old style midi songs for loading, death, and combat, move the following files out of your EQ Directory (Into a Backup Folder):


If you experience problems with running Everquest after following these instructions, please visit the Technical Discussion Forum and read the FAQ
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Players are subject to these supplementary rules while playing on Project 1999. While by no means an all-inclusive list of the do's and dont's on Project 1999, it provides a suitable foundation by which the player can determine what activities are appropriate:

1. You may not steal kills.

Kill Stealing is defined as the killing of an NPC for any reason that is already fighting or pursuing another player or group that is prepared to engage that same NPC without that group's specific permission.

The intent of this rule is discourage and make note of habitual Kill Stealers, not to punish those who honestly try to work together or those who make an honest mistake. Its enforcement by the Project 1999 Customer Service Staff will reflect this philosophy.

2. Help understanding what constitutes a 'camp'.

The definitions below are not absolute and Project 1999 Staff will not be defining what constitutes every "camp". All examples blow are just that, examples. Instead, Project 1999 Customer Service Staff will arbitrate spawn disputes on a per-case-basis. We greatly encourage players to find their own resolution to spawn disputes, as the solution provided by the staff will at best be a win-lose situation, and possibly a lose-lose situation. No two decisions, even at the same 'camp', are guaranteed to be the same, as we will take into account multiple factors in making a determination on a 'camp'.

That being said, you can absolutely "camp" mobs, and you cannot steal another players 'camp'. In general, if the placeholder or placeholders for a spawn are being killed, that 'camp' can be considered held by the player doing the killing so long as they are keeping the placeholders (or the room if there are no placeholders) cleared, within the same zone, do not die or log off. You do not necessarily need to be at the spawn point to call it 'claimed' while it is uncontested, however, if someone else wishes to contest the 'camp' you do need to return to the 'camp' and maintain a presence at or very near the spawn(s) in order to hold it. You cannot hold multiple 'camps' if another group wishes to contest one that you are holding. The player holding multiple 'camps' retains the right to choose which 'camp' to give up.

Please do your best to use courtesy and common sense when interacting with other players in spawn disputes.

2.1 Zone types in relation to camps.

There are two main zone types.

Open Outdoor Zones and Dungeon Type Zones that have their own sets of guidelines.

Open Outdoor Zones can be anything from Western Wastes, Karanas or West Commons. There are no staff recognized camps for this zone type outside of single spawn points. Examples of single spawn types might be Ocean of Tears Ancient Cyclops, Iceclad Ocean Stormfeather, or Qeynos Hills Hadden. Though, any single spawn point can be claimed, that is the only spawn you can hunt (if being contested). If you are to claim this point you must get aggro/First to Encounter (FTE) within a reasonable amount of time.

There are cases where two or more parties wish to hunt in the same area. In these cases, the parties are required to compromise. Do not attack a mob after another player, this is kill stealing.

Dungeon Type Zones are characterized as a zone which has very few open areas. These types of zones may include Sebilis, City of Mist, Unrest or High Keep (See section 2 above). For the most part you can claim what's Line of Sight (LOS)/Aggro Range. A couple exemptions to the LOS/Aggro range guideline may be Sebilis Spore King and Karnor Captain where camping within LOS/Aggro is just not practical.

For these types of zones camps are usually dictated by the geometry. You may absolutely hunt multiple camps if no one else is contesting them. Once another party shows up asking for one of your camps it is your decision which camp you wish to claim, then they can then have their choice.

For a listing of how the staff typically categorizes each zone, please visit this post.

Again, If an equitable compromise cannot be reached between the players prior to Project 1999 Customer Service Staff involvement, the P99CSR will mandate a compromise. Any such compromise is final and not open to debate. Refusing to abide by these terms will be considered disruption and may result in disciplinary action.

Note: A "party" in this case is defined as a party of one or more characters that are united in a common belief or goal and are capable of completing that goal.

3. You may not kill NPC's while you are not at your PC.

It is against the rules to "afk camp" any NPC or groups of NPC's by placing a pet nearby and letting it kill while you are away from your computer. Any other form of "afk camping", such as faction killing, is also against the rules, and you may be subject to disciplinary action.

In addition to this rule, and further explained in section 5, you may not Forage items using any automated program (hardware or software).

4. You may not Ninja Loot.
Ninja looting defined is when a player, disregarding the players or player who killed a mob, loots an item that is generally regarded as significant or valuable from the mob they did not kill. This is strictly prohibited and will result in removal of the item(s) and any appropriate disciplinary action.

5. You may not use third-party programs on Project 1999.

The use of any third-party programs on Project 1999, including but not limited to, Macroquest/Macroquest2(MQ/MQ2), ShowEQ(SEQ), or any other program that interacts with the Everquest Titanium Client, is strictly prohibited. Use of any third-party programs will be detected and will result in the permanent banning of your account(s). No exceptions will be made, and once a ban has been enacted for violation of this rule it will not be reversed.

This is not limited to programmable keyboards or other input devices that creates multiple inputs for a single keystroke or automated task.

Wineq2 by Lavishsoft is the exception to this rule. In addition, any program that strictly reads log files is acceptable.

6. You may not have more than one client running per real life person playing on Project 1999 (Boxing).

There is no 'boxing' on Project 1999 servers. Boxing is defined as having more than one client running from a single computer, or having more than one client running per person in the same household on different computers. Project 1999 has an IP block on its servers to prevent players from boxing. You may apply for an IP exemption if you have more than one person in your household wanting to play by following the instructions on this forum:

Petition forums. Be sure to read the announcement sticky prior to posting to ensure all required information is contained within your petition.

Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action, and you may lose the account(s) involved.

The exception to this rule is having one client running for Project 1999 Red PvP, one client for Project 1999 Green as well as one for Project 1999 Blue. This is allowed.

7. Real Money Trades (RMT) are not allowed on Project 1999.

The involvement of any currency, items, or services external to any Project 1999 Server (Including but not limited to: real money (USD, Euro, Etc), regulated or otherwise (Bitcoins), Food/Delivery, Virtual currency of any other game (Platinum on Live or other EQEmulator Servers, Beta Keys for the latest new game, etc)) for any of that Project 1999 server's virtual items or service (Including by not limited to: Items, Platinum, Powerlevelling, Accounts/Characters) is strictly forbidden. This is a very serious rule, and violation of this rule willl result in permanent bans of all the accounts of the players involved. Real money trades includes, but is not limited to, trading for items or platinum in game, powerleveling services, accounts, characters, or other services. Currency includes all forms of real world OR virtual currency (IE, bit-coins, WoW gold, etc) AND real world items (Pizza's, Blooming Onions, Televisions, etc). Do not joke about RMT on Project 1999. We will take all offers of RMT on Project 1999 seriously. Account trading and selling is not allowed on Project 1999 in any form.

8. Foul language is not permitted, in any language.

Excessive use of foul language in an inappropriate context, including swear words, real-world racial slurs, and other language that is not consistent with the fantasy environment and designed to hurt, will be considered a disruption. The existence of the filter (/filter) is not a license to be profane.

9. You may not harass others.

Harassment is defined as specifically targeting another player or group of players to harm or inconvenience them. As harassment can take many forms, the P99CSR involved will make a determination as to whether or not a "reasonable person" would feel harassed and act accordingly.

10. You may not disrupt the normal playability of a zone or area.

Zone/Area Disruption is defined as any activity designed to harm or inconvenience a number of groups rather than a specific player or group of players. This includes, but is not limited to::

-Monopolizing most or all of the kills in an area.

- Deliberately blocking a doorway or narrow area so other players cannot get past.

- Refusing to cooperate with the other parties at a contested spawn site after having been instructed to do so by a P99CSR.

- Making excessive and inappropriate use of public channels of communications (/shout, /ooc, etc.).

- Intentionally causing excessive zone latency (creating excessive corpses, abusing spell effects, etc.).

- Causing intentional experience loss to other players (deliberately impeding fleeing players by blocking their escape route, intentionally training NPCs on other players, etc.).

11. You may not defraud other players.

Fraud is defined as falsely representing one's intentions to make a gain at another's expense. Examples of this activity include, but are not limited to, using deception to deprive another player of items, slandering another player or impersonating them with the intention of causing harm to that player's reputation, or falsely representing one's identity in order to gain access to another player's account or account information.

Fraud in all transactions between players may result in disciplinary action when confirmed by a P99CSR.

This is not permission to not watch out for yourself during interactions with players. Players may still scam or defraud you on Project 1999. It is your responsibility to protect yourself. The player who scammed you may be subject to disciplinary action, but there is no guarantee you will get your items or PP back. It is in your best interest to be wary of other players.

You are responsible for the people you let onto your account. Disciplinary action may be enacted upon your account even if you yourself were not responsible for any rule breaking. Do not share account info if you are not ready to deal with the consequences of someone else's actions.

12. You may not abuse other players or Project 1999 Staff.

The following actions would be considered abuse:

o Hate Mongering - participation in or propagation of Hate literature, behavior, or propaganda related to real -world characteristics.

o Sexual Abuse or Harassment - untoward and/or unwelcome advances of a graphic and sexual nature. This includes, but is not limited to, virtual rape, overt sexual overtures, and stalking of a sexual nature.

o Attempting to Defraud a CS Representative - Petitioning with false information with the intent of receiving benefits as a result. This includes reporting bug deaths, experience or item loss, or accusing other players of wrongdoing without basis for it.

o Impersonating a Customer Service Representative - falsely representing yourself to another player as a Guide or a member of the Project 1999 Server Staff.

o CS Personnel Abuse - This includes, but is not limited to, sending excessive /petitions (as an individual or group), sending excessive /tells to a CS Representative, excessively using say or other channels to communicate to a CS Representative, making physical threats, or using abusive language against a CS Representative.

o Implying favoritism by members of the Project 1999 Staff - Implying that Guides, GM's, or Developers will show favor towards one or more parties involved in any given situation. This includes, but is not limited to, using threats of retribution or inferring that you will not be held accountable for your actions due to special consideration.

Note: This list is not all-inclusive. Other actions may be determined as abuse at the discretion of the P99CSR.

13. "Role-playing" does not grant license to violate these rules.

Though EverQuest is a Role-playing game, the claim of "Role-play" will not be accepted in defense of any of the anti-social behaviors mentioned above. We strongly encourage role-playing, but cannot allow it to be done at the expense of others.

14. You may not operate a guild that habitually violates these rules.

Disciplinary issues involving guilds may be addressed with the entire guild. Guilds whose members habitually violate these rules may be issued guild warnings, and can even be permanently disbanded.

Guild Leaders and/or officers may be held accountable for any actions of their guild members, in addition to any other actions that may be taken. It is therefore the responsibility of the guild leadership to ensure that all guild members abide by these rules.

15. The Project 1999 Naming Policy

Character names in EverQuest should be thematically consistent with the high-fantasy environment of EverQuest. These guidelines apply both forenames and surnames, and also to the combination produced by a forename and surname. (For example, the first name Clint and the last name Eastwood are both acceptable names separately, but Clint Eastwood is not.)

The server staff can, in accordance with all described rules and ultimate discretion, provide assistance with surname changes, including names with multiple capital letters and/or a single accent grave (`). Examples of this are Kirn V`Last, Harl McTarnigal, Leeza MacTeagan.

The server staff will be happy to change your surnames on request, however we will not provide forename changes unless the name violates the naming policy.

The following names are considered unacceptable.

- Vile, profane, rude, or racist names including common swear words, anatomical references, racial slurs, and homonyms of these words.
- Combinations of words that produce an offensive result (e.g. Hugeazz, Tug Mcgroin).
- Names of religious, occult, or significant historic origin (e.g. Jesus, Allah, Satan, Stalin).
- Copyrighted or trademarked names of products, characters, services, or concepts (e.g. Bigmac, Marlboro, Sony).
- Names from popular media. These names can be either fictional (e.g. Rambo, Darthvader) or non-fictional (e.g. Garth Brooks, Pierce Brosnan, George Washington, Michael Jordan).
- Common words and phrases that would not be found in the time, place and setting of EverQuest (e.g. Switchblade, Phaser, Toaster, Cannabis).
- Proper names from EverQuest (e.g. Rathe, Karana). This also includes the first or last name of any significant EverQuest NPC (e.g. Dorn, Trumpy, Karn).
- The names of past or current Customer Support Representatives or developers of Project 1999 (e.g. Nilbog, Rogean, Llandris, Eunomia).
- Names chosen with the intent or possessed with the effect of harming the reputation of a player or Customer Service Representative.
- Forenames containing titles within them, such as, but not limited to: The, Lord, Lady, Master, King, Knight, Sir, Father (e.g. Sirtallon, Lordeagle, Mothermaggy, Darksister).
- Names that contain sentences (Ikillorcs), phrases (Ontop), or two or more words that do not form descriptive compound words (Petcarbob, Diediedie and Tablechair).
- Descriptive compound words are allowed in first names and are encouraged in surnames (e.g. Treehugger, Giantslayer).
- Descriptive compound words (each separate part of the word and the entire word) must otherwise adhere to all other naming rules.
- Fantasy-oriented names which are easily recognized from popular existing media (e.g. Merlin, Gandalf, Drizzt).
- Names where the combination of the first and last name forms a phrase or violate a previous rule (e.g. Crymea River, Bran Muffin, Story Thyme).
- Names with fewer than 4 characters or without a leading capital letter.
- For all of the above, misspellings and alternative spellings (such as spelling it backwards) of the word or words are also unacceptable.
- For all of the above, any foreign variations are also unacceptable. If a player petitions a name he or she feels is offensive in a foreign language, all rules set forth shall be applied.
- Above all else, you may not choose a character or guild name which, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Project 1999 Customer Service Staff, is deemed to be offensive or improper.
Sean "Rogean" Norton
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Project 1999 Setup Guide
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<a name="redrules">PvP Server Rules</a>

In order to encourage a competitive player versus player environment, most rules in effect on the PvE server do not apply on the PvP server. Rules listed in the "Global Server Rules" section still apply to this server, but many aspects of the PnP (Play Nice Policy) do not. Players should resolve their disputes via combat.

PvP Level Range
+/-4 levels

Loot and Scoot, Corpse Camping, Kill Stealing
For a full listing of these rules and how they function, please visit this thread

FFA Zones
FFA Zones are zones that have no limit on the PvP level range. A level 50 could attack a level 1 and vise versa. This currently includes these zones:
  • Plane of Hate
  • Plane of Fear
  • Plane of Air
  • Sebilis
  • Veeshan's Peak
Sean "Rogean" Norton
Project 1999 Co-Manager

Project 1999 Setup Guide
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Forum Rules

The Project 1999 forums serve as a hub of the community where players can discuss all aspects of the game. This is the first place people come when they are looking to join our community. These rules are in place to attract more members to the community, and assist existing members of the community.

The staff reserves the right to remove any post or thread determined to be detrimental to the community, however the following basic rules apply to all forums, including the “Rants and Flames” sections of the forums.

Stay out of Real Life
Many people expect to keep personal and real life matters separate from those that happen in the game. We expect all forum members to respect each other's privacy.

You may not ever post any real life information about another user, including but not limited to: name, address, phone numbers, pictures, employer's, associates, etc. This also extends to protect other forms of communication including IM Aliases, email addresses, social media accounts etc.

There is zero tolerance for posting someone’s real life information. Those that violate this rule will be banned and such posts will be deleted.

Server Negativity
Spreading negative propaganda about the server and serving no purpose other than to slander the community and it's staff will not be allowed.

The staff works hard to provide this experience to you, and we will not tolerate negative conjecture about our agendas or actions. This includes negative or tasteless comments about current or former staff members. Constructive feedback via substantiated bug reports is always appreciated.

Real Money Trades (RMT)
No discussions about RMT of any kind. If you suspect a player of participating in RMT, use the petition forum.

Content is expected to remain work friendly. Do not post graphic/gross/disturbing images. This includes forum avatars and signatures, and links to other content.

Blue and Red server forums
Blue server specific threads / posts should be kept on the blue server section of the forums.
Red server specific threads / posts should be kept on the red server section of the forums.

Do not spam the forums. Multiple threads or posts of the same content, phrase, or message, will be considered as spam and deleted.

Racism / hate speech
Racism and or hate speech, disguised or not, will not be tolerated. This includes slurs / derogatory speech regarding sexual orientation.

Swearing / Cursing
Keep thread subjects clean. Swearing/Cursing is allowed within threads, to an extent. Don't overdo it.

Avatars and Signatures
All Avatars and signatures must not contain any explicit or NSFW content. Signatures must be no higher than 150 pixels, and no wider than 500 pixels. If there are multiple images, or images as well as text, the combination must not exceed the height of what a single 200 pixel image would cover.

Rants and Flames
Any rant or flame against a player or guild should be contained inside of the Rants and Flames forum of the respective Blue or Red server forums. Do not bash a guild or a player outside of Rants and Flames.

Off Topic
Any content not related to Project 1999 should be posted in the “Off Topic” section of the forums. All other forum rules still apply

If you must troll another user, keep it contained to Rants and Flames. Don’t over do it.

Forum accounts created for the sole purpose of trolling are not allowed.

We encourage you to list your in-game characters in your signature so other forum users may know who your characters are in game. Its no fun reading posts from AnonymousForumTroll01 without knowing who they are in game, and this does not foster community growth.

Forum suspensions / bans
If you are forum suspended, this is not an invitation to make a new account and continue posting. Wait out your suspension before you start posting again. You were suspended for a reason. The staff reserves the right to adjust suspension times accordingly.

If you are forum banned, this is not an invitation to make a new account and continue posting. Instead, do not get banned in the first place.

Multiple forum suspensions can and will result in a permanent forum ban, any new forum accounts will be banned on sight for previous account actions. Multiple forum suspensions / bans can result in in-game account suspensions or bans.

Reporting content
The staff does not and can not read every post or thread. If you spot a post or thread that violates the above rules, please PM a member of the staff, or post in the petitions forum so that it can be reviewed.

As always, questions or comments can be submitted privately in our petition forums, or via PM directly to a member of the staff.
Sean "Rogean" Norton
Project 1999 Co-Manager

Project 1999 Setup Guide
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