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Exclamation Project 1999 F.A.Q.

I've seen a lot of the same questions appear over and over again in threads, so I thought I'd make a FAQ that will hopefully clear some of this up. If you see something that's wrong or something that should be added, please reply and I'll add it to the OP. And lastly, if you enjoy playing on this server, please help it stay up and running by donating. Disclaimer: These answers apply to Project 1999, but not necessarily Project 1999: Red, as it is a PvP server and has slightly different mechanics and can be a different place in the release timeline.

Server Rule Questions

What are the server rules?
In general, just don't be a dick. Check out this thread for the full list of server rules. The raid specific rules are here.

Can I pay real money to ____?
Nope! Real money trading (RMT) is expressly forbidden and offering real money for items or services in game, or vice versa, will get you a one way ticket to ban town. Full details of this rule are located here.

How are raid mobs being handled?
See this thread for details. In general, this being classic Everquest, there are no instances so all the rare mobs / raid bosses are hotly contested. They have long respawn periods (including many that only spawn once every 7 days), and additionally there is a small variance on raid target spawns, so no exact timers can be set, only "windows" in which the mob can spawn. Good hunting.

What are the rules regarding camps?
See this thread for the current rules and discussion. Basically the group/person camping has to "maintain a presence", and there's no showing up right as the mob spawns and taking it from a person/group because you know its spawn timer. Again, the "Don't be a dick" rule comes into play.

Server/Installation Questions

What do I need to play?
A copy of Everquest Titanium. No other clients are compatible.

But I still have the original CDs for Classic EQ and Kunark and Velious! Can't I just use those?
No. Only a fresh installation of the Titanium client will work.

Does Project 1999 support the Seeds of Destruction Client?
No, see answer above.

Can I play on a Mac?
With a bit of work, yes!.

How do I get started?
Read this thread.

What server should I choose?
There is currently a PVE "Blue" server and a PVP "Red" server. The Red server doesn't have item loot but does have coin loot and has a significantly smaller population than Blue. The Red server also has a substantial exp bonus that doesn't exist on Blue. Both have their upsides and downsides and it really comes down to personal preference. You can learn more about the ruleset for Red here.

How do you keep the server running?
Well it takes a lot of bandwidth to keep 800+ people online at the same time almost 24 hours a day, something to the tune of several hundred dollars a month. Please donate if you enjoy the server!

Can I play with my roommate/family member? It says there is only one account per IP allowed.
You certainly can. Make a thread in the petition forum stating your account name, the forum account of the person you want to play with, and their account name. Just be aware that if you're caught 2boxing or otherwise controlling both accounts at once, it will result in an immediate ban of both accounts.

I just got this error message, what does it mean?
You are currently not allowed to login to the server because this IP has a temporary block on it. Please try again later.
Means that you attempted to log in multiple times from the same IP. Just wait a bit and it'll go away.

Why does this spell say I need level 255? Why am I stuck in lavastorm under the world?
You probably did something wrong during your installation. Double check this thread and if the problem persists, search the technical discussion and bug forum to make sure someone isn't having the same issue.

Are there any additional files / UIs / EQ Client customizations I should know about?
Yes! All of these are optional and are not necessary to play Project 1999, but you may find them useful.
Velious 'Oldschool' UI, the closest thing to classic you'll find.
qqui, a minimalist UI based off the Velious UI that allows for multiple hotbars .etc
Transparent Visors, (Human/Half Elf plate helm fix)
Classic "Sky" textures
Animation fix for Iksar 2HS / Archery
EQClassicHD, a retexture project that stays relatively true to classic but updates faces, armor, and items to be more HD / textured.

Where should I post _____?
Here's a handy flowchart to help you navigate these forums. Thanks to mmiles8 for making that.

OMG! The last patch broke something!!! What do I do?
Please go post in the bugs forum with a detailed and well documented explanation of the problem and what the correct behavior should be. You can find a guide to writing bug reports here. If you don't provide documentation (I.E., old allakhazam comments .etc) backing up your bug solution, there is a high likelyhood it will be ignored until you or someone else does the research.

OMG! The last patch did something that wasn't classic!!! What should I do?
If you can prove that the change did not happen at any point between Original - Velious, please go post in the bug subforum with your evidence (again, please follow the guide to writing bug reports). Remember that this is a free server and the devs are trying to follow the original patch history, but some things will be patched earlier than live, and some will be patched later than live, so don't freak out.

OMG! The last patch introduced a new spell file and now I can't log in! What do I do?
Download the latest from the the most recent patch thread and unzip it. Note that the EQEmu launcher is no longer supported. Still not working? Double check you unzipped the files correctly. Try manually dragging each file from the zip file to the correct directory (spells and dbst both go in sony/everquest, and the globalload goes in sony/everquest/resources).

Where can I look up the original patch history of EQ Live?
Shadows of Luclin was released in December 4th 2001, so almost everything from 1999 through 2001 is considered classic.

Game/Mechanic Questions

How far will this server "progress"? Will we see all of the expansions?
No, this is specifically a classic server meant to recreate the 1999-2001 era of classic Everquest. This server will never see the Shadows of Luclin expansion, but everything up to the last patch before Luclin will be released. More fine-grain detail on the live server progression can be found here.

Where can I find information about Classic EQ? Spell lists, maps, tradeskills .etc
Almost everything you will want to know can now be found on the Wiki. Please contribute!

What expansions and zones are open?
Paineel is open.
Plane of Fear is open.
Plane of Hate is open.
Plane of Sky is open.
Temple of Sol Ro (and related quests) are open.
Kunark is open.
The Hole is open.
Veeshan's Peak is open.
Velious is open.
The Warrens have been added.
Plane of Hate/Fear are now revamped.
Stonebrunt Mountains have been added.
Chardok has not yet been revamped, this should be the last major patch on Project 1999.

What is the progression?
This server started off with classic EQ, with no planes unlocked, no expansions. It has slowly progressed since it launched on October 2nd, 2009. Planes, Kunark, and Velious are all out now.

Are there any items I can only get for a limited time?
Yes, many items that were "pre-nerf" on live will be obtainable on this server for a limited time. For example, manastone and rubicite dropped until Temple of SolRo came out and now they are no longer obtainable except via trading with a player who still has one. Holgresh Elder Beads dropped for the first couple months of Velious but now they also no longer drop.

What pre-nerf items are no longer obtainable?
Check out the full list here.

What are the experience penalties/bonuses?
By Race:
Troll -20%
Iksar -20%
Ogre -15%
Barbarian -5%
Halfling +5%

There are no longer any class experience penalties
Rogues and Warriors still get an exp bonus however:
Rogue +9%
Warrior +10%

For historical purposes, these used to be the penalties:
Paladin / Shadowknight / Ranger / Bard -40%
Monk -20%
Wizard / Magician / Enchanter / Necromancer -10%

How does group exp work / get split up?
There's a handy explanation written by Dumesh Uhl'Belk located here, I highly recommend reading it if you're even marginally interested in exp mechanics. Also be sure to check out the Game Mechanics page on the wiki.

Short version of group bonus:
2 person group - 2% total bonus.
3 person group - 6% total bonus.
4 person group - 10% total bonus.
5 person group - 14% total bonus.
6 person group - 20% total bonus.

Are there exp bonuses for certain dungeons?
Yes. To see a list of zones and their exp modifiers, click here. Disclaimer: that list is a "best guess" based on the values found on the PEQ server. It's not currently known which zones receive exactly what exp modifiers, but in general newbie zones have a bonus, and dungeons reward more XP than outdoor zones due to the increased risk.

Do pets or damage shields take experience?
You must out-damage your pet or it will take 50% of the exp. This rule does not apply in group settings, so even if your pet outdamages the combined damage of everyone in your group, it will still not take experience. In order to get experience when using a damage shield, you must do at least one point of damage or the DS will eat all of the exp.

Damage shields effectively lower the amount of damage needed to kill the mob. To provide an example of this let's say you are a mage soloing with a fire pet. If the damage shield does 400 damage on a 1000hp mob, the mob effectively has 600 hp, so in order to out-damage your pet and get full experience you must do at least half of 600hp. If your pet (with its fists/weapons/nukes) manages to do 300+ damage during the fight it will steal 50% of the exp. The damage shield belongs to no one, so your pet's DS doesn't count towards it's contribution to the kill.

More pet information available here.

Where should I level?
Check out this handy page on the wiki.

How much mana does specialization *actually* save?
Well, it doesn't always take affect, it's a random chance per spell cast. But when it does take affect, you save:
At 200 specialization (your chosen school), 10% of the total mana cost
At 50 specialization (the rest of your schools), 2.5% of the total mana cost
More detail can be found here.

How is weapon damage calculated? Is the best ratio simply damage divided by delay?
Nope. It's ((weapon damage * 2) + damage bonus) / delay. Read this page and this thread for more detail.

How are offhand swings calculated? Do I want high damage or best ratio in offhand?
You want low delay in mainhand and best ratio in offhand. The damage bonus does not get applied to offhand weapons, and your offhand swings independently of your mainhand. Read this thread from the Steel Warriors forum for more detail, or peruse this thread from our forums for discussion and explanation.

Do weapons proc based on weapon speed?
No. In fact if you are slowed you are more likely to proc on every swing, but the chance to proc per minute remains the same. The only way to increase proc chance for a specific weapon is to increase your DEX. Kanras made a post explaining the DEX/proc mechanics on this server.

The rough formula is (DEX/170) + 0.5 = proc per minute rate for main hand, and offhand is half that rate.

How does AC work, and does Agility really affect it?
Shortish version is that AC is a combination of the 'hard' AC numbers from your armor and your avoidance added by agility. The AC stat determines how hard mobs hit you, and your avoidance determines how often mobs miss you. The total AC stat does not accurately reflect the amount of avoidance you receive from the agility stat. There is a significant avoidance penalty if your agility stat is below 75 (after buffs and gear are taken into account). See this informative post for more details.

How does meditate work?
You need to train meditate for it to start going up on its own. You do not need to sit with your spellbook open, just sitting will do the job. Int casters get meditate at level 4, Wis casters at level 8, and Hybrids at level 12. You can find more detail on the rate at which meditate raises your mana here.

How does taunt work? Is it broken?
It's not broken, but it might not work how you think it works. According to Rogean: Taunt puts you at the top of the aggro list. If you are already at the top, it does nothing. However it does fail a lot, and it doesn't have a visible fail message, so just keep trying until you have aggro, then stop using it until you lose aggro. As of a recent patch, level 60 taunt can now affect mobs up to level 65.

How does hide/sneak work? What mobs see through hide?
Sneak will work against every mob, even gods, as long as you are behind them. Hide will work against almost all mobs, even most see invis, but some mobs like the occasional bat in solb and some things in the Planes, Veeshan's Peak, and Temple of Veeshan will see through hide. If you're in a high level dungeon, make sure to con things before you brazenly walk in front of them.

Do boats work?
Yes, although they can take quite a while. There are no translocators or soulbinders on P99.

When does in-game night start and end?
It actually varies from zone to zone. It seems the common time is 9pm to 4am (8 in-game hours). One in game day lasts 72 minutes.

Hasten ONLY takes 3250 gold. If you hand in 325 platinum, you will lose your Ring of the Ancients.

Pets summon at random levels, within a level range determined by the spell you cast, for a full list of level ranges see the pet guide.

Manastones only work in "old world" zones, this means no Kunark/Velious/Planar zones.

Chardok is currently pre-revamp, the next patch will likely include the Chardok revamp.

For more information on various game mechanics, check out this highly informative wiki page.
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Unanswered Questions
  • What is the exact mechanic for determining what the upper and lower bounds are for your groupmates to receive experience?
  • How is taunt affected by the mobs level relative to yours?

If you know the answers to any of these and can provide evidence, please let me know.
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and reserved once more, just because I saw how short the character limit is on posts.
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Sky + Paineel were the last two things added before Kunark.

Kith Forest having high level undead was finally triggered after Plane of Hate opened. Yet are in game now, so be warned when travelling from WC to Highpass.

Shadowed Men mobs are currently in game but were not added in real classic until after SolRo Temple opened up.

Boats do not work, translocators in place instead.. hail them for keywords.

Box of Abu Kar has a chance of dropping on any 35+ level mob, will be gone when Fuzzly Tinkleberries (or whatever the gnome merchant in SolA castle was named) goes in to sell the Tinker bags.

That's all I got to add off the top of my head.

Nice work so far [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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Nice post, thanks [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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Default Level Range for Experience

[QUOTE=Pyrocat;5144]Unanswered Questions
  • What is the exact mechanic for determining what the upper and lower bounds are for your groupmates to receive experience?

I don't know if this has been answered yet, but in a given group, the lowest member must be 2/3, rounded up, of the highest level to receive experience. The highest level must also receive an experience gained message in order for the lowest level to get experience.

I believe there is a minimum of a 5 level swing, meaning a lvl 1 could group with a lvl 6 and still receive exp.

For example:
A level 10 can group with a level 15 and get exp.
A level 15 could group with a lvl 22 and get exp, but not level 23.
A level 40 can group with a level 60 and get exp.*

*The 60 must be able to receive exp from the mob being killed in order for the level 40 to receive experience. As in, a level 40 can not be grouped with a level 60 that proceeds to slay mobs in Guk Bottom, as most all of those mobs are hard green to the 60; not granting experience to either.*

The 2/3's Level Rule has been around since I can remember playing (early 2000). Everyone I ever played with seemed to know about it. I remember being level 34 and grouped with a 51 that AFK PL'd me in Dreadlands forever ago. Moreso, I have been level 40 and grouped with a level 60 in Splitpaw on Blue Server and received no exp on kills, even though they conned blue to me.
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Thanks, added to the F.A.Q.
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For clarification's sake, I'd edit the following
What expansions and zones are open?
No expansions, just original EQ for now.
Plane of Hate is closed.
Plane of Sky is closed.
Temple of Sol Ro (and related quests) is closed.
The Hole is closed.
The Warrens / Stonebrunt Mountains are closed.
To include "Plane of Fear is open."

The headline does say "what expansions and zones are OPEN" after all, and fear isn't really mentioned clearly.

And Vox, phinny, and CT (zone) are all fixed now right?

Anyway, good faq.
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So if the exp% +/-'s are multiplied then a halfling ranger would be -40% * +%5 which is -200% which seems a little ridiculous to me. Whereas a troll SK should be +800%, unless you guys mistyped something....
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Exp math is a little weird. I've updated the OP to be slightly more explanatory.

Human cleric = 1.0
any hybrid = 1.4
any troll = 1.2
troll hybrid = 1.2 x 1.4 = 1.68
any warrior = 0.9 (1.0 minus 10%)
any halfling = 0.95 (1.0 minus 5%)
halfling warrior = 0.855 (.9 x .95), which is 14.5% bonus
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