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Default Server Rules

Project 1999 Rules Rough Draft Post.

First and foremost we would like to ask of those that choose to play on our server, just try and be a decent human being. Use your best judgment and try not to stir up trouble just for the sake of stirring up trouble. We will not act as your babysitters and we think that everyone should be mature enough to get along with one another. We realize that from time to time that there may be disagreements, heated discussions and difference of opinions. We ask that people try to work things out between themselves so that we don’t have to be a mediator in every conflict that arises. Go by the philosophy that if a GM has to show up to mediate your differences, action will probably be taken. By following the rules listed below, you should have no problems on the server and have an enjoyable playing experience.

- Please try and follow the “Play Nice Policy” rule set. Players need to use their common sense here and not do unethical things for personal gain. Respect camps, do not train others, don’t kill steal and don’t ninja loot. There will be consequences for these actions as this is strictly a PVE server.

- A FULL NON-patched copy of Everquest Titanium is required to play on this server. We do not currently provide support for SOF. This may change in the future.

- DO NOT post copyrighted materials, links to get copyrighted materials, or discuss illegal methods to obtain copyrighted materials.

- DO NOT use racist remarks. DO NOT harass people. Limit your use of profanity, especially in public channels. Remember there is a difference between cursing and cursing at someone. You will receive warning, and if you still refuse to cooperate, you will be banned.

- Character renaming can and will occur if a player’s name is offensive. (GM Discretion)

- All members of the GM Staff have the right to be playing on the server as your peers. Those whom fall into this category will have separate login details for their GM Access account and all GMs will have access to each others server logs (corruption will not be an issue). This will allow for GMs and players to be on a level playing field.

- Any type of program or script that gives you an unfair advantage (eg. MacroQuest, ShowEQ or packet modification) will result in an instant ban with no lenience. Cheating will be ruled with an iron first regardless of who you are.

- Multi-boxing is not allowed. Players are only allowed to play one client per RL person. We will be enforcing this rule and we ask for everyone’s co-operation to just abide by our wishes. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.

- If you witness, discover or hear of an exploit it becomes your responsibility to report that exploit. Some exploits could include: Loot dropping improperly for large monetary gain, pathing exploit allowing you kill NPCs at ease, or a quest rewarding you experience and giving you back the quest item to turn it in over and over for experience. We ask for everyone’s cooperation in this matter. It is important for us to stomp out any issues as quickly as we can so that things stay legit.

- We reserve the right to add to, modify, or remove any or all of the above rules at our discretion. Rules are mandatory.

Project 1999 Development Team

NOTE: This is an older draft of the rules. When we switched forums somehow the new draft of rules was lost. We apologize for not having them up on the forums. Just something that kind of got forgotten/left behind during the move.
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