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Old 10-12-2022, 10:21 PM
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Default Church community

My wife and I finally found a church that we like. Officially joined it about a month ago. We all enjoy it. The kids are even seeming to be okay with it, they do have donuts though.

We go to church on Sunday, we also attend a small group during the week. This is roughly 10-15 adults, everyone brings the kids, everyone brings something to make a complete meal. Hosting rotates around the group. The wife and I haven't hosted yet but we hope to soon. After the meal, the kids go and watch a show while an older child, usually the preachers daughter watches them. For about an hour, the adults sit around and have what I'll call adult, in-depth conversations about all sorts of things usually around faith and the church but it's impacts stretch well beyond those two topics.

We are relatively new to the group and so far I've heard some very intimate things about these people that I've just started to get to know. It's hard for me to be as open as they are, I'm really jealous and I hope to get to that point soon. This week two of the members opened up to us about what I would call serious issues they are having or have had. It's so great to be around this level of conversation and honesty. It's been great to be apart of a community where it's not all judgement and angling. The group and the church feel like home. I'm sharing this because I think it's something that we as a society need more of. Open and honest, judgement free talk about our inner thoughts.

It's certainly not my idea but I firmly believe much of our societal woes are due to the complete abandoning of faith. Jesus lived. Jesus laid a groundwork for the good life. It's not easy, in fact it's harder to life that life than not.

Thoughts and Prayers
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