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Old 01-16-2022, 10:22 PM
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Default AT&T

Same shit on AT&T. Anyone have a solution? I never liked this ISP before, now or will ever, but it's my only option here in whoville. [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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Old 01-16-2022, 10:59 PM
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same issue. also at&t. vpn also worked as workaround.
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Old 01-17-2022, 10:24 AM
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Well since AT&T seems to be the common thread and there's obviously a significant amount of people unaffected and able to play it seems that we need some route to bring this to their attention to get it addressed.

Unfortunately I do not know the channels to use to do so. AenorVZ indicated the issue isn't limited to AT&T, but it must have something to do with the routing they are using or something since it is specifically affecting those of us with their service and not apparently the other 1400+ people logged in nightly.
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Old 01-17-2022, 12:03 PM
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I am having the same issue as everyone else here. I am unable to log in between about 6pm and 10 pm CST, otherwise it seems ok. signed Frustrated ATT internet guy
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Old 01-17-2022, 01:09 PM
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Tethering is an option to try, even if ATT cell service maybe the issues are only with their internet service.

If ATT doesn't allow tethering you could try one of many apps that hide the tether usage from the cell provider.. I use EasyTether Pro, PDAnet is another good one I've used before.
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Old 01-17-2022, 01:15 PM
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Others have reported tethering does in fact work, as does using a vpn in some cases.

While workarounds are great for the interim, I believe the majority of us are more interested in getting this corrected so that a such things are not needed.

If anyone has a method of reporting this type of connectivity issue to AT&T it sounds like that is what we really need. The tech support I had on the phone was uninterested in the specifics of what I was having issues connecting to and was unwilling to escalate it further but perhaps I will try again.

And in a sense I cannot blame them. In all likelihood nationwide this is probably only affecting a few hundred users at most and likely does not demand significant investment of time and resources for them to investigate further.
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Old 01-17-2022, 02:20 PM
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I AM NOT on AT&T and am having the issue, and it’s only happening to me at peak times. I’ve had no issue logging in or zoning during the day, when server pop is low. I know the server has seen an spike in population here lately, so I just thought it might be on P99’s end. Everything I’ve checked on my end seems to be fine, and I haven’t had any issues with any other sites/games.
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Old 01-19-2022, 10:24 PM
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How can i get a vpn without getting scammed or a virus? I cant stand this anymore.
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Old 01-23-2022, 11:11 PM
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I've been driving myself crazy trying to fix this issue. I'm also a AT&T Fiber user and finding this thread I was able to solve the issue by using a VPN.

I used Toms guide to determine which is a good free VPN. I used the following link:

I choose to go with Proton VPN since it was free and had good reviews, I did not try any of the others.

Using the above VPN I was able to immediately log into P99. I've been using it for about an hour without any issue. My ping is between 88-92 which isn't ideal but for EQ is probably good enough.
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Old 01-24-2022, 02:05 PM
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I don't know if this will work for everyone, but I worked with the OP to try to narrow this down. The first clue we received was when I had him change the eqhost.txt file where it says to Host=

When that got him to server select with a populated server list, I suspected whatever DNS his IP was using was not resolving the P99 server correctly. So we followed this and had him set his DNS to the Google Public DNS and

My understanding is that he has had significantly less issues, so it might be worth a try for some of you experiencing the same issue. Write down the DNS settings so you can revert back to default if it doesn't solve anything for you.
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