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Old 12-04-2023, 08:59 PM
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Default <The Drift> is recruiting

Hail, Norrathians! Do you seek camaraderie, adventure, and fun in a relaxed and friendly setting unlike any other on the server? Look no further!

<The Drift> is a casual raid guild seeking adventurers of all levels. No longer new to Green, the guild was founded in January 2022 by a handful of IRL friends and retired old-school <Divinity> members from Blue. When we returned to p99 after a long break, we had a clear plan - a fresh start. We wanted to dungeon crawl together, enjoy the XP grind, and do some casual raiding. With that simple mantra in mind, we succumbed to the Siren's Song of classic EQ and roled a rag-tag band of naked noobies.

Since our humble beginnings, <The Drift> has grown into something much more. People were drawn to what we offer, something nobody else provides on this server. We are a tight-knit, family-style guild with a very active discord and a unique guild culture and backstory. IRL always comes first and all raids are optional. Even when we aren't raiding, members are hanging out in voice chat, EXPing together, and offering help to others. Lowbies and first-timers are welcome, we have plenty of players leveling up. A bonafide draft guild, we have cleared much of the server's content.

Despite this casual vibe, we pride ourselves on having a skilled, low-man raid force that can take out some contested targets. Our leaders are experienced veterans of p99 who no longer have the desire to hardcore raid endgame. Instead, we strive to go above and beyond what is thought possible with a small, skilled, knowledgeable raid force. In <The Drift> you are not just another warm body fueling The Zerg Machine, the individual matters much more here. We might not be clearing the inner ring when it quakes, but we still mobilize and take out a growing list of targets.

We raid EST prime time mainly, 4 days a week, but have members from all over the world. We have an early raid one day a week so that our EU members can attend. We also spend a lot of time in ToV, planar raids, epics, participate in drafts and quakes. There is no DKP - we prioritize mains over alts, with additional, unique incentives and rewards for our raiders.

New to the server and looking for friends? This is a great place to find it.

Want to raid and have fun but don't have that much playtime? You'll fit right in.

Sick of 90-man zerg fests, toxic trains, and poopsock neckbeardery? Look no further.

If being a part of a chill, casual raid force in a social, close-knit environment is something you're looking for, we got you. Please contact Dany (me), Rampagious, Khanis, Sinnis, Donttake, Mandair, Healmin, Lesedi, or Chunnt in-game with questions or to get an invite. Or message any of our members to be put in touch with an officer.

We aren't a pig cult. Maybe?

Happy hunting!
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Old 12-04-2023, 09:28 PM
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I used to be addicted to boar based guilds, until I met the drift. They saved me from a life of boar based jokes and puns. They enriched my knowledge of the wallow. I owe my life to the Drift.
Originally Posted by gherron View Post
I wish they’d rename the “Play Nice Policy” to “Bare Minimum Conduct”...
Originally Posted by JustMatt View Post
These dudes are definitely warmbody shitters, checks out hahaha
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Old 06-07-2024, 10:56 PM
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Who is an officer to hit up in game about joining?
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