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Default Project 1999 Guidebook

Welcome to Project 1999!

Project 1999 is a free to play, emulated classic Everquest server. We provide a nostalgic experience for those wishing to relive the old days of Everquest as it was between 1999 and 2001.

1) Server Information

Project 1999: The Scars of Velious
This is our primary server, inheriting all base nicknames such as 'p99', 'p1999', and more specifically 'blue' (When being compared to PvP). This is a Non-PvP (PvE) Server.
This server is currently in the Velious expansion.

Project 1999: Red (PvP)
This is our PvP Server, nicknamed 'red1999', 'red99', 'p99red', or simply 'red'.
This server has caught up and will match the blue server in timeline.

2) Getting Started - Play Guide

In order to play on Project 1999 you must obtain a copy of Everquest: Titanium Edition. Only a clean Titanium install will work. You must acquire this on your own as we cannot distribute it, however there are many places to accomplish this. You do not need a valid CD Key.

Step 1 - Installation

Note: MacOS users should follow this guide for client installation instead of this step.

Install Everquest Titanium to a fresh directory. This directory must be separate from any live Everquest installs and dedicated to Project 1999. Some users have experienced trouble installing Titanium to their Program Files directory with Windows Vista/7/8, so an alternate path should be specified (Example: C:\EQEmu).

If you need further help installing Titanium there is a useful guide on the Wiki located Here.

DO NOT PATCH EVERQUEST. If you patch your Titanium install you will need to delete it and start over.

Once you have completed installation you will need to extract the Project 1999 required game file changes. The current distribution is Project 1999 Files (V57).
These files must overwrite any existing files encountered during extraction into your Titanium directory.

Step 2 - Forum Account
There are two distinct accounts that must be created before you can log into the game. The first is a forum account (This can be either a Project 1999 OR EQEmulator forum account). A forum account alone can not be used to log into the game, but can be used to manage any number of Loginserver accounts which will let you log in and play.

This entire process can be completed by following the Account Setup / Play Guide.

Please note that you will be required to validate your email address when registering. You are also strongly advised to attach an SMS Phone Number to your account for security reasons. Although this is not required, it is the only way to recover loginserver passwords.

Also note that, while true in the past, it is no longer required to have an EQEmulator Forum Account to create Loginserver accounts (This can now be accomplished via Project 1999 forum accounts). If you do not have an EQEmulator Forum Account you can skip the "EQEmulator Account Link" step. If you DO have an EQEmulator forum account, then it is recommended to link the accounts together so that they can both be managed.

Make sure that you continue returning to the Account Setup page to complete creation of your Loginserver accounts once your Forum account has been activated.

Step 3 - Done! Launching, Playing, and Optional Improvements
You're ready to play!

To launch the game, use the "Launch Titanium" file found in your Titanium directory (This should have been extracted from the Project 1999 Files).

Remember to NEVER launch "Everquest.exe" or patch the game. Doing this will require you to completely reinstall Titanium!

Many players use WinEQ2 provided by Lavishsoft, which has fixed Multi CPU/Core issues, crashing problems, and framerate, and is recommended for play.

To experience the Velious style user interface, navigate to your EQ Directory, then into your UIFiles folder. Create a folder named 'velious'. Download and extract this ZIP file into that folder: Velious UI Files
To use this interface in game, you must /loadskin velious.

To hear the old style midi songs for loading, death, and combat, move the following files out of your EQ Directory (Into a Backup Folder):


If you experience problems with running Everquest after following these instructions, please visit the Technical Discussion Forum and read the FAQ
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