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Old 06-07-2010, 04:13 PM
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Master Alchemist, 160 skill, Taking orders.

Potion name - effect - Duration - Single price - 10x price

Blood of the Wolf - Spirit of the wolf - 40 min - 10p - 100p
Antiweight - Levitate - 12min - 20p - 200p
Ant's Potion - Shrink (works outdoor) - zone - 20p - 200p
Aquatic Haunting - Enduring Breath - 30 min - 20p - 200p
Unlife Awareness - Invisibility Vs Undead -"varies" - 20p - 200p
Stat Pots - +25stat +25 resist -15stat Stacks with ALL buffs - 30 min - 35p-350p
Kilva's Skin of Flame - Damage Shield (lvl/2)+1 - 10 minutes - 35p - 350p
Rejuvination - Regenerate +20hp/tick - 2 min - 80p - 800p
Swamp - Gate to Innothule - 350p - 3500p
Frost - Gate to Everfrost - 350p - 3500p

Recipes taken from

If you want something from the site I didn't list pst me in game and we can work something out.
-Kinamur - Ranger - stfu

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It actually takes more time for you to create an account, and all the posts than it does to ban you.
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