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Originally Posted by Secrets [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I sent a PM directly to nilbog, his argument was that XP bonuses exist on red that didn't on blue - and I think that's a fair assessment given that red is basically risk-free leveling.

IMO - if Red is ever shut down, it should be moved to Blue. Or just nix the XP bonus.
If they opened transfers permanently into the future then yes. People would 100% go level alts on red for ez leveling then xfer to blue at 60 or whatever. I think there are easy ways around this. Maybe only allow xfers of characters created prior to a certain date? Or make it a 1 time thing with relatively short notice so people won't abuse the xp bonus. This would allow people to get their pre-existing high lvl chars off a dead server without opening pandoras box of people abusing easy leveling and transferring later.
FTE is not classic
Racing is not classic
Variance is not classic
Multiple years of Velious is not classic
Everquest as an e-sport is not classic
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