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Originally Posted by Barnes [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Curious why red server still deserves it's own server? only 10 players online atm. Why not at least make it a teams server (good races vs evil) ? The current red server is just a place for griefers to feel like they have a life.
Dude, the same shit could be said about Blue. After all, why have 2 separate servers with same rule set at the same patch level. Plenty of reasons to play Redů actually 1 more reason than blues / greens can list, which is the occasional PVP. Red even has exp bonus, making it a better choice for casual levelers that actually have a life, contrary to your assessment. So maybe fuck off with all the Red hate & go back to waiting in your bread line on blue / green.

I like the teams idea though!
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