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sinlincer602 10-28-2023 06:06 PM

I just want to play EQ Classic the SMS isnt working for me either anyone know of any solutions? I emailed help but have not received a response.

sinlincer602 10-28-2023 09:30 PM

Guys!!!!!! You can skip the SMS verification system and create your login all you have to do is click the create login tab on the left of the screen and skip the SMS verification and create you login account!!!! Send me a tell if you need help!

sinlincer602 10-28-2023 09:32 PM

IT WORKS read my messege
I got it to work you do not have to get a text message you can skip the SMS system all together. When your in the screen where it ask for your SMS on the left of the screen where there is a tab to create your login account info the fourth step. Click that tab create you login once you have you can login and play the game!!! OMG i am so happy i figured this out i just want to share this to everyone who is trying to login EQ classic is my childhood and I want yall to join me!!

sinlincer602 10-29-2023 04:58 AM

I found out a way to work around it you can skip the sms verification. On the same screen on the left hand side click the create a login tab the fourth step its is highlighted in blue and you can click it and it will let you create a login without the sms vertification.

Ambrogio 11-14-2023 04:54 AM

We received notification the SMS Recovery System should be working for US/CA based verifications. We appreciate your patience during the investigation process. As always, if there are additional complications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safe travels!

Gilarn 11-15-2023 02:48 PM

Still some issues here with SMS
so I still experience issues. I've been trying to reset the PWD using SMS for a month now, I try here and there like each week. SMS never arrives. I am positive I got the same number and everything as I was able to reset the PWD few years ago with this exact phone number. So any info on that would be much appreciated. I'm in Europe.


Delfino 11-16-2023 12:13 AM

Still a lock out

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