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Findlyn 08-04-2023 11:58 PM

Yeah, i am not receiving any texts after selecting the sms option to create a loginserver account. I have checked my blocked/spam texts as well

Zyllos 08-05-2023 02:07 AM

Yes, it's definitely broke.

I never received the SMS. I was hoping by at least 48 hours, the SMS would have timed out and I could at least skip the SMS verification and it is still saying I have a waiting SMS.

So, the entire process is currently borked until someone can take a look at it. Which sucks...

mees 08-05-2023 06:04 AM


Originally Posted by Deathrydar (Post 3631449)
Weird. Did you create your "log in account" on this forum or on the EQEMU forum?

I created it here on this forum. Seems like many people are facing this issue :(

Deathrydar 08-05-2023 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by mees (Post 3632095)
I created it here on this forum. Seems like many people are facing this issue :(

I would try creating it on the EQEMU forums. Worth a try.

Timberwolves 08-05-2023 06:42 PM

SMS Email
I'm a new player who hasn't played since the good old days. I tried setting up the SMS just in case I do forget my password and I have yet to get an email verification. How long does this usually take or is it bugged?

Locm2182 08-06-2023 03:05 AM

I'd just like to echo what's being said here. SMS is not being sent as of 8/6/23 early morning USA time

Any expected ETA or updates would be welcome. Thanks in advance for your efforts.

SephS 08-08-2023 04:34 PM

Can you not just get rid of the SMS system and let passwords be reset like every other website and game out there ?

There's no ability to change your phone number so I imagine there are hundreds of people locked out of accounts because they can't reset their forgotten passwords

vsanthos 08-09-2023 08:59 AM

As of 8/9 the SMS system is still not working. I am trying to come back and play my accounts, but I can't do anything.

Crylol 08-09-2023 06:46 PM

My SMS is still /blacklisted/.

Just came back - do we have to individually petition to get fixed ?

SentienTial 08-12-2023 03:56 PM

I was just looking to get back into my account after a year of not playing. Thought I had my password written down somewhere, but apparently not. Tried to reset it, and have been waiting 30 mins for the sms. So I'll add myself to the others who are essentially screwed at this point.

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