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Menden 08-16-2022 06:29 PM

Staff promotions
Hello Everyone,

Iím pleased to announce Ambrogio, Stigion and Visceryn have been promoted to Senior Guides. They will play large role in staff training, appeals and escalations. They will also be playing a more active role in the UN channels.


Castigate 08-16-2022 06:32 PM


Harvest 08-16-2022 06:34 PM

Congratulations and thanks for stepping up. Hugely appreciate the work you guys do

Xersius 08-16-2022 06:34 PM

We appreciate all of your service! Let me be one of the first to say congratulations for helping us nerds!

FatMice 08-16-2022 06:34 PM

Grats !! Thank you for all you do for this community!!

apathe 08-16-2022 06:41 PM

Congratulations Ambrogio and Visceryn! Well deserved!

Dildy 08-16-2022 06:46 PM

Let me tell you a story of a time when I volunteered at a soup kitchen. I showed up for several weeks and then just stopped coming. The other volunteer staff and regulars started asking where I was...I told them "I'm a volunteer and you should appreciate the time I put in there." Instead of leading them on and remaining a volunteer for months and months without showing up, I decided to tell them that I was no longer interested in serving and they found someone else to take my role in serving up soup. They were appreciative of my work and time I put in and let someone carry on the dream.

Viscian 08-16-2022 06:47 PM

Congrats! Let see some item restores happening.

apathe 08-16-2022 06:48 PM

oh, nice job too, stigion

Arvan 08-16-2022 07:17 PM

Gratz! You guys are cool

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