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Rogean 06-25-2022 03:30 PM

Character Save Locations
Due to a code issue today, character positions will need to be restored. Upon logging in:

All characters on Green will be at the position they were at on Friday, June 24th, at 7 AM Eastern.
All characters on Blue will be at the position they were at on Saturday, June 25th, at 7 AM Eastern.

Zone and positions are the only thing being rolled back. Everything else will be unaffected.

nilzark 06-25-2022 03:32 PM

First - and thanks!

WolfOfOdin 06-25-2022 03:33 PM


omegbule 06-25-2022 03:36 PM

I'm ready to be positioned

Raest 06-25-2022 03:44 PM

Thanks Rogean! Sorry you had a stressful Saturday morning, thanks for everything you do so we can enjoy this game!

SwedishHaze 06-25-2022 03:51 PM

Will corpses be moved if we have any?

Thomacles 06-25-2022 03:55 PM

I don't suppose...........

You could fix the reapers while you are fiddling with the code........?:D

skankinpikle 06-25-2022 04:07 PM

Is there an ETA when servers will be back up?

blacklotus 06-25-2022 04:09 PM

Thanks for your efforts! Hopefully you bless us with a full respawn to add excitement to an otherwise boring Saturday :)

Flowe 06-25-2022 04:38 PM

Boy They messed up something. And all that talk about a server that will last a while. !!Snicker!!

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