02-12-2013, 01:23 PM
I have searched the threads already, but honestly I don't remember much anymore and want to maximize my time. I'm looking for some specific places (prefer outdoor for now) I just be hunting for exp that will allow me to get gear. My friend and I will be playing as a mage and druid so now you know what gear we are after.

1) we are pretty casual, meaning most of the time we'll be duoing or even soloing and won't have 6 hours a night to camp in lower guk. However, as stuff is green things like camping ancient croc are fine while we are at work (no risk of trains really, can just play as those mobs spawn while we work on other PC).

2) we can "play" at our jobs though, so when we aren't all out grinding, we could camp a spawn for exp or gear. Just not sure what gear we can go after that provides this. Ideally camping something on a 6-10-20 min spawn timer is perfect. Guard camping or camping rangers at Druid rings were always fun back in the day as we made some pp and got a little exp. pretty easy and pet would kill the wondering Kodak if I was afk.

3) so, are we better off just grinding to get levels/pp and then buying from people in EC or are we better trying to camp things ourselves? Not sure what the balance is and really have zero clue what we should be getting at our current level that would help us improve gear either.

4) I loved the misty thicket guards back in the day but didn't those get nerfed when kunark came out?

02-13-2013, 10:39 AM
Generally you're best off getting plat as you level and then going to EC. There are a lot of low-grade items that drop off of high level mobs, which sell for cheap in EC and which you'll be able to buy there before you get the chance to camp them yourself. Level smart - choose what you kill so that it's most likely to give you cash for your level (pretty much every monster past level 16 or so will drop research components that you can sell to merchants; many will also drop gems; bone chips sell for 5-10pp a stack to players; many monsters past level 16 or so will drop bronze or sometimes fine steel weapons you can sell to merchants, or various kinds of armor (rawhide, bronze)).

Misty thicket guards are still a very popular exp/money camp as far as I know. You might have trouble finding them open for you two to duo, but you can give it a shot. Obviously the hours you're on will affect how many people are online and therefore how many are killing them. There are other popular camps like this for different levels - nybright sisters in LFay come to mind. Mammoths in Everfrost commonly drop tusks that sell for 10pp each to merchants.

You can also pick up some basic gear your druid can use by killing gnolls outside of Infected Paw, in South Karana. Also, they drop fine steel weapons if I recall correctly.