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12-21-2012, 06:25 PM
So I've been wondering what the resident enchanter experts can share with me about the following:

1) If you have rune and bedlam up, does one of them always "absorb" first? Or does it depend on casting order?

2) Mem blurs. Supposedly Reoccurring amnesia will keep "trying" to wipe for 4 tics until it succeeds, but I've never noticed this working. What do the experts use for mem blurs? Is the 55 blur worth all the mana or should I just spam the low level one a few times and hope for the best?

3) I notice we get 2 DoT upgrades after 50. Torment of Argli and Asphyxiate. Does anyone ever use them?


12-21-2012, 08:07 PM
1) They absorb based on stacking order. Generally, you want Bedlam first since it costs no Peridot. Bedlam does have a STR component so there are times you want rune before it when casting on others.

2) Reoccuring Amnesia to my knowledge doesn't do the 4 ticks thing on this server. It's better this way, imo. You can also blur fairly reliably with the level 4 mez and 16 aoe mez. For the most part, no on Memory Flux. I only use it for times when I absolutely NEED something memory blurred before Rapture fades.

3) Dotting in general is very bad. You want to be able to stun > aoe mez > recharm on breaks. Dots compromise this.

12-21-2012, 08:10 PM
Yea, I can't remember ever casting a dot for those reasons. I was just curious if there was any compelling reason to buy the 55+ ones.

Thanks for the answer on the rune/bedlam thing.

Has anyone ever tested the blurs? I guess it would be hard to do given that they're % chance on each cast. I've noticed that simply spamming mesmerize can get the job done, but I was basically asking if there's an "ideal" trade-off in the mem blur line with relatively low cost but relatively high chance of success. A "go-to" mez to be used except in those situations where you NEED to Memory Flux.


12-22-2012, 06:00 PM
Another little bit of info - Pasi answered it pretty well, but I never used Rune 4 while leveling, and only use Rune 5 if its a very special situation where i want to make sure i don't die (like doing the solo challenge named mobs) or for raids/AE groups on those that request it...still don't use it on myself really. I used Rune 3 all the way up til 58 when i could start using Bedlam. Rune 4 and 5 both take peridots, which are 10p per cast. It's pretty rare to go long without taking a few hits, so you're talkin some serious reagent costs using 4 and 5.

When i have to blur, I typically use Reoccuring, but i've never tested it to truly see if it takes. It seems to have a better success rate than the level 4 one, but again, I haven't done any research on this. I typically have decent enough luck with a level 4 mez or even dazzle to a lesser extent blurring automatically that I dont have to worry about it. Never used the other blurs really. The level 4 mez typically has the greatest chance of blurring from what I've seen...something that helps though is to keep calm memmed (usually have it up anyway for pulling) and if you lull the mob and re mez, you eliminate his agro radius too, which could help avoid social agro from nearby rooted mobs, etc

I never use dots, and never did while leveling. I have them for the sake of having them and use them on raid mobs just to throw in some debuff and extra dps. They are pretty weak and they take forever to go full duration. And as Pasi said, no mez cc while they are active.

Oh and just one other tip to those enc's that didn't know - facination is a dumb AE mez. The level 16 one becomes level immune when you hit 56, so you have no risk of mezzing yourself while using it. I've never been in a situation where i needed to use fascination instead of mesmerization.

12-22-2012, 08:13 PM
Oh and just one other tip to those enc's that didn't know - facination is a dumb AE mez. The level 16 one becomes level immune when you hit 56, so you have no risk of mezzing yourself while using it. I've never been in a situation where i needed to use fascination instead of mesmerization.

I used fascination a bit (not a lot) and havent ever mezzed myself with it post 56 either. It does have its uses but they are certainly limited. It has a built in -MR modifier. Basically I had to use it when I was lower level and fighting things where I needed to AE mez 3-4 mobs at once and actually worry about the resist rate. If you get 3 out of 4 mez resists on an AE/initial pull of mobs that are high enough level they resist that much, you're probably looking at your bindpoint a few seconds later since they're gonna resist your PBAOE stuns and hit like trucks too. I still use the lvl 16 probably 98% of the time, but fascination definitely has a useful role to play in limited situations. A specific example I recall was doing CC in sebilis around lvl 54. The level 16 mez was pretty dangerous and would often have a 50-100% resist rate while fascination would generally stick on most(not all) things first try, giving time to get them tashed safely.

Agree with the rest people have said. The dots are pretty much useless. To put into perspective how useless someone sold me the lvl 59 chanter dot for 100pp in ec! I mean I'm glad to have them, I have used them at times, but in all those cases they basically fall into the "screwing around" category.

I don't think the level of the mesmerize you use has any impact on blur rates. I like to use mesmerize, mesmerization, and enthrall almost exclusively for mainline CC and I feel like they all dump aggro around about 33-50% of the time (off cuff estimates only). It'd be easy enough to test on a nonkos mob as you could just repeatedly agrro it and mez it (and then con it) to see the percent chances.

As to actual blurs I feel like reoccurring amnesia almost always works -- haven't used the higher level ones. As mentioned it is great for when you really want that blur to work. The other case is when you are fighting mobs that have a high chance to resist a normal mez -- getting 3 resists in a row trying to dump aggro just pisses things off more, while RA may fail at least you can count on it not resisting completely.

-Propo Fol

12-22-2012, 08:22 PM
The main time I use DoTs is when I'm soloing something like the skeletal scryer in KC and I use Torment of Argli to help drain his mana along with the other mana drain spells.