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05-07-2012, 04:25 AM
After searching on the wiki for some potential gear for wizards, I find myself a bit perplexed. They seem to be the ONLY class without a quested set of armor.

1 - Why ? ( I know you're not devs but I'm pretty sure it might have been disclosed in the past I'm if true )

2 - What alternatives can you suggest for a non-twink, meaning no money to buy from bazaar .

05-07-2012, 05:59 AM
1 - I'm not sure it's anything specific to Wizards. I'd say to casters. They don't get complete quested armor sets like rangers, bards, warriors, shamans, etc. But they get a few specific quests just like the enchanters, magicians and necromancers do. Check out the Wizards specific quests on the wiki. (http://wiki.project1999.org/index.php/Wizard#Wizard-Specific_Quests) Basically, you'll want to do Staff of Temperate Flux quest, Staff of the Wheel, Acumen Mask and the Runescale Cloak (forget Tishan's Kilt. It's not that great and Martar is hard to find).

2 - If you're looking for quested gear alternatives, there are not that much. Except the Band of Rodcet Nife (http://wiki.project1999.org/index.php/Band_of_Rodcet_Nife), a nice ring that can be obtained via a relatively easy quest. There may be more, but I can't think of anything right now (it's been a long time since I was this level).

Then, there are some mid levels hp / mana stuff that are pretty good for wizards and not that hard to get :
- Bracelet of Woven Grass at scryer in Upper Guk. Needs a level 20+ group
- Embroided Black Sleeves / Cape at ritualist in Lower Guk. Needs a level 35+ group
- Wolf-fur slippers in Permafrost. Needs a level 25+ group.
- You may also want to camp Chief Gonda (http://wiki.project1999.org/index.php/Chief_Goonda) and his Ogre shaman friends in West Karana. They drop at least 3 interesting mid-levels items for Wizards : Batskull Earring, Sheer Bone Mask, Batfang Headband. Again, you'll need a group for 30+ people.

06-06-2012, 10:44 AM
You will be undergeared for awhile, but there are some mana gloves in unrest...advisor robe in mismoore is ez to get and relatively low lvl. People give out moonstone rings and steins of moggoks all the time too. But really get used to cloth armor untill you can get dungeon groups.
Polished Bone Bracers drop off evil eyes in ek too!

06-06-2012, 01:35 PM

If you're desperate for some kind of upgrade for the weapon slots then you can grab this.

+20 mana +3 sv magic that can go in OH and MH dropped by a lvl 18 gnoll in lake rathetear.