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As some of you may already know, I work in the financial industry dealing with quantitative models / spreadsheets. Lately, I've had quite a lot of spare time at work, which I've used to create various EQ-related spreadsheets, namely those aimed at Necro solo'ing efficiency (optimal DoT placement on a tick-by-tick basis, to ensure maximum mana/dps efficiency, as well as ensuring that you out-DPS your pet to acquire the full EXP amount while soloing). I've been handing this spreadsheet out to lowbie and high-end necromancers alike so that they might use it too should a situation present itself where efficiency becomes particularly important.

The link to the document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AssrtIYSeXx6dE9UNUFWcUtIYWtBTW1YQnZId1JJc UE&hl=en_US#gid=3

As of right now I only have 50+ DoT's factored in, but will add every DoT, nuke, and spell available to necros before moving on to create additional sheets for other classes through feedback from members of said classes so that the spreadsheet will encompass the data for all spells currently in the game.

NOTE: This is a work in progress, created in my spare time, thus for the time being many of the elements within the worksheet require that you alter the variables on a mob-by-mob basis, assuming you know the exact HP levels of said mobs. With that being said, you'll find a link within the spreadsheet to the spawn log of virtually every mob and every zone within the game currently, outside of VP and HS. I realize this is using ShowEQ data, but Nilbog has already given me permission to post this data on the forums seeing as he already posted this information in another form. However, his link was directed to megaupload, and as a result of the recent government shutdown of said website, that link is no longer available. Thus, I want to make sure this information is available to everyone should they so desire.

Link to the Mob Data separate from the workbook: http://web.archive.org/web/20021129210131/http://www.geocities.com/ficticiousname9/

Misc. Important Info: The wiki and ZAM values for most necro DoT's are incorrect in terms of their maximum duration and what you'll actually see within the game. For Lifetap DoT's, I've noticed over extensive hand-taken notes of several hundred casts that the regen effect could last 9 or 10 ticks, while the actual damage portion of the spell should last 10 ticks, instead of 9. (This is true for both Bond of Death and Vexing Mordinia).

I've yet to incorporate several additional metrics to the information, such as adjustments made to the outright Damage / Mana ratios of spells based on their cast time and their ability or inability to be cast between each tick so as to finish the spell and achieve a full sitting tick worth of mana regen shortly afterwards. (This would only really effect spells with a cast time of 6.0 seconds or longer, e.g. Cessation of Cor etc.)


Spreadsheet, Page 1: EXP Tables

This will allow you to find exactly how much XP you need to level. If you'll see the note pertaining to Iksar Necros, or indeed any other race or class combination, you can simply re-direct yourself to the last sheet within the workbook, which will give you the exact factor to multiply EXP needed per level so that you can find the correct value for your specified race/class combination.

Also, based on what we know about the formulas used to calculate the XP gained from a particular mob, you can also use this page to give you the exact percentage XP amounts you'll be rewarded with upon the solo'ing of a particular mob. As most of the mobs within the game vary in level, you'll at least be able to give yourself a range of XP amounts to use for your own personal forecasting.

Spreadsheet, Page 2: Spells

This is the element of the workbook where you'll be able to find the Damage/Mana ratios of nearly every 50+ Necro spell (I'll add these as I find time), along with tick-by-tick DPS measurements, as well as full duration DPS measurements.

For clarity's sake, I've also created two lists, one for Damage/Mana Efficiency, and one for DPS.

You'll also notice an area where you can input the HP of a particular mob (I typically use the maximum value across a given HP range to ensure that I'm always doing more than 50% Damage, as well as typically adding 100-200 HP at the higher levels to account for innate regen of mobs, which I adjust based on the theoretical, and eventually realistic time it takes me to down a mob, which will vary based on whether I'm using my ordinary pet or charming).

Spreadsheet, Page 3: Solo Models

This is where you can begin to create your own solo efficiency models, under whatever circumstances you see applicable. Whether you're attempting to down a mob as quickly as possible, maintain a steady flow of death and XP, or throwing in spells which might change up your DPS / mana efficiency (E.g. mobs on which you need to cast Lifetaps to regain HP etc.), this particular sheet should help.

You'll see that I've broken it down on to show cumulative damage, the damage per tick, the DPS of said tick, the %-based cumulative damage, and total mana spent. (I'll make mana spent more user-friendly, but as of right now it's being done manually).

Spreadsheet, Page 4: Exp Table Modifiers

As previously mentioned, this will allow individuals of all races and classes to see how much experience they'll need to level. If you really wanted to get into it, you could find the relative EXP amounts of every individual in a group, to determine the XP distribution, and then find the amount they would gain per kill, with the group experience bonus of 2% per player taken into account on top.

Questions / Comments / Concerns welcome as always.


Edit: I've opened up the workbook to be publicly edited, which will change if people start needlessly screwing around with it. This is solely to allow people to change the variables associated with mob hp, experience levels, or various solo models on their own so they can make full use of the workbook.

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awesome job, lots of hard work put into this. I just wish i was smart enough to understand all of it =P

02-07-2012, 10:31 AM
This is great info thanks for posting. I actually did pretty much the exact same thing with all damaging spells (and utility spells required for soloing like roots, snares, buffs, etc) for druids, wizards, mages, and necros for level 1-60 and incorporated several calculations and variables to arrive at the estimated kills per minute including downtime for each class at each level based on things such as; level, total int or wis, additional mana from items, specialization level, various mana regen buffs, the amount of hp the mobs have that you are killing, etc (pet damage was not included). I thought about posting it but my criptic short hand would make it more or less useless to anyone but myself in its current form.

What I found interesting was how big a leap in efficiency many classes take upon reaching a new spell level and gaining access to a new nuke/dot, or the ability to quad, etc.

Anyway keep up the great work. I'd love to compare my results with yours once you get them done for the other classes!

02-07-2012, 01:01 PM
That sounds great, I would like to do so. As you mentioned, casters reach incredible tiers of power and efficiency with the arrival of certain levels. As such, I was going to create a necro guide of sorts that would simplify the progression and list the major advancements in character progression, which would obviously include spells, whether they provide a new utility or an extensive upgrade over the former version(s), as well as the more subtle but important advancements such as reaching new mana regeneration levels through meditate or hp regen levels etc. (An example would be, say, 58 for necros, with the onset of Vexing Mordinia and the reaching of 252 meditate, giving us our last point of mana regen from the skill). Just a few of the many thoughts I have swirling in this maelstrom I call my head.

Between this workbook and the classic/kunark spawnlog I posted in server chat, I'm going to be quite busy building what I hope will be helpful reference utilities that the server as a whole can make use of at some point or another.

PS If any of you other number crunchers want to share your posts/thoughts/critiques feel free to do so here or via PM's.

02-07-2012, 08:08 PM
Just wanted to chime in and say I'm looking forward to reading your Necro guide. Thanks!

Srs Not Ames
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god help you