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01-19-2012, 11:36 PM
MAGES!! OMG EXP PEN FOR PETS OMG OMG......learn to pet kite...

The general theory behind pet kiting is letting the DS do all the work. This means melee mobs are the best way to make this work, and for some mages, the only way. So you send your pet n, fire pet or a DSed one, pet attacks it, when pet is at 20%~ health you start casting a new pet. When your cast bar is a sliver away from finished you hit go away on your pet and then instantly send your new pet in.

Now It's important to keep in mind, you DO NOT dmg the mob in any way or the new pet will not be able to gain agro on the mob. It is because all the agro that was on your previous pet is poofed into oblivion. That also mean no healing pets.

You simply rinse and repeat this process till the mob starts to flee. When the mob starts running you poof your current pet using your reclaim energy spell or clicky (NOT the go away command this time), then cast 1 nuke. If that nuke does not kill the mob but still take over half the remaining health, simply summon another pet for the next mob and let it finish it off while you med. And BAM you get full exp evertime.

This kind of lvling cannot be attempted until lvl four. That being said really only twinks at lvl 4 can pull it off with ease. IMO wait till around 8-12 if ur a non twink. Also it is heavy on the reagent use so many low lvls cannot afford to lvl this way at first. Here are my tips, pet guides, and suggested spots if you do decide to go it this way,

1) It is actually ok to heal or nuke if you think 1 pet will do the job till the mob runs. Normally mobs will turn to run at 15% **MOST UNDEAD DO NOT FLEE**

2) If your pet is below 20% the mob will not turn to run. This can be an advantage. Let the mob get down to 1% before u poof. The mob will initially agro on you but once it realizes you have a lot of health (which you should) it will start to run. This will let you use a lower lvl nuke because u only need to take care of around 1% health.

3) Try to avoid casters. But if you are in a tangle with a caster, see if u can time the poof at the start of a cast. The mob will continue trying to cast and essentially be rooted, giving your pet enough time to get to it, get a taunt in, and possibly a proc. Hopefully gaining agro before mob starts to chase you.

4) At higher lvls, and when soloing in dungeons or in zones with lots of roamers its great to find a spot to pull to and know you're safe. In this situation at higher lvls use the spell "Burst of Flame". It is a great long range 5pt dmg nuke that is awesome for pulling and pets can easily out agro it.

5) Really try to make the most out of that 49 fire pet. Its only 200 manna to cast compared to the 300. 350, and 400 of your 50+ pets. That is why the PoHate staff is so crucial.

No, fire pet is not always the best choice...In fact many mages find it safer and easier to use earth pet and then cast DS on it. Here is a rundown of how the different pets can be used.

Earth Pet
-The pet to use if you can't find 49 fire pet spell or are 54+ w/ out fire staff from hate
-The earth pet helps because the mob will often be rooted the whole fight, making pet transitions very easy.
-Earth pet is also good for solo pulling - See coth pulling guide (would be a separate post if we had class forums FFS!!)
-Great for duoing so you can do more dmg and speed up kills

Water Pet
Great for if u happen to have phinny staff and no other focus staff.

Air Pet
Same as water, or for higher lvl killing 59+ in conjunction with crack 2 and DS.

Fire Pet
-In general the best to use from 4-49.
-Make every effort you can to get fire staff from PoHate

Dyzil's Deafening Decoy
-BEST pet kite spell 56+
-Has a huge DS and cast a PBAE 42-47 dmg proc that has a + 100 pure hate attatched to it. It grabs agro quickly and keeps it even if you nuke.
-The pet cannot dual wield and has low melee dmg but has a 43-47 pt DS so its great for pet kiting.
-The pet cannot be focused in anyway so you can feel free to use your max int items and keep reclaim item in inventory.
-Sell for around 500pp fairly common spell.


1-12: Starting town and EC. Normally find to just lvl where you start. EC is nice because of buffs and close to reagents + spells.
1) Try to target cats and bears for their HQ pelts and auction them off right away. Also find a tailor and see if they will make you some "Handmade Backpacks". Can sell them for around 50-60pp. This will easily cover spells, reagents, and possibly a fresh robe.
2) WATCH OUT FOR GRIFFONS (and bad guys sergeant slate).
3) Ask for buffs...seek them out.

12-24. Oasis crocks By far the best way.
1) If you sit at the edge of the dock your will generally avoid all roamer agro. BUT sometimes people drag SGs and other trains there.
2) Remember to look for chanters and other high lvls. Its easy to find free buffs in oasis to help you zoom thru some lvls.
3) When you sit to med pop out into the largest 3rd person view you can to avoid any death, or to avoid an annoying puma barrage.

Evil: 24-30~ The Overthere
Bad: From oasis take the Barrel Barge to TD. From TD you run to the ogre camp and wait for the Bloated Belly. (Note: Bloated belly arrives at the dock to the far right with the skiffs and can take a long time to get there). You can buy reagents and bank at Outpost even if your apprehensive: Once in OT you go straight west, you will find all kinds of good roamers to kill.
1) Use the guards if you get in trouble
2) Remember to look for buffs, lots of people hammer into OT near foremen.
3) If you are indifferent faction get a jade and give it to undead foremen
4) DO NOT KILL OGRES IN TD. They are Venerill Sathir faction which is what the Out Post uses.

Good 24-30~ TD ogre camp
The the Barrel Barge from Oasis docks to TD. Run to where the bloated belly come and kill the ogres. There is decent loot to be had there, bat skull earrings and other goodies if i recall.
1) Remember to stock up on malachite
2) Bind at Oasis docks in case things get harry. It's a short ride back and you'll prob need to med up anyway. And possibly buffs there.
3) Get your spells and bank before heading out.
4) look for buffs from passers by, or gate back to Oasis if u find someoen int he /who

Good/Evil - 30-39 - HHK
I suggest going to high hold keep and hunting goblins. The ears make good PP for epic faction or great exp for turn ins.
1) Good races, or evil once faction is high enough, use the guards to help break the camp.
2) Keep a timer on spawns, easily to get overrun.
4) bind up top pretty far in case its easier to gate and gives time for guards to kill the mobs.

Good/Evil 39-49 WFP. The gallows, hunting guards.
This is by far one of the best camps around for PP/ convince and exp. The guards generally drop 2 FS weps, that 5pp each, and around 1-4pp. so about 10-15pp a kill. Also they drop helms for faction turn ins. This camp is also great because it is close to buffs in EC or people running to bank. Its easy to get a rez here if you die. Also it raises faction with NFP. So bad races will be able to easily bank in NFP by the time they reach lvl 44. You wan to camp in the gallows, which is really close to NFP zone line, so you have that spot if things get rough. Also note that THIS WILL NOT HURT your faction with the caster guilds in WFP. Just the WFP militia. So you can still buy spells and reagents right close.
1) The gallows is a safe spot, always pull to there
2) Kroon and inofus are undercons. Do not attempt till 44+ and have decent manna. Kroon is harder than inofus
3) Kill the guard near NFP ZL first in case you need to zone.
4) The wood elf merchant who you sell to.
5) The guards at the gate are tough.
6) Take time to learn the pathing. You can get all singles even from the guards near EFP ZL.
7) Other NPCs do not assist the guards through the walls of buildings
8) If the exp slows too much move to Bloodgill camp

49-54 Blood-gill marauders in Lake lll Omen
These are located near the ent of Veksar. These things are low HPs and good exp even when LB con. Depending on how accomplished you feel at pet kiting, and your gear lvl there are a few ways to handle the camp. There are the mobs around the ent of veksar and where the marauder spawns that will all be solo. However all the other pulls around the pillers up top are 2 pulls.
To handle the 2 pull i would use my earth or water pet ( + phinny staff) and cast a DS on it because they have much more HP. This would let pet be able to tank both of them. Once one gets to 50% cast lava bolt, this should kill it. Then let pet resume agro on other and kite as normal. You should only have to do this once.
1) The veksar ent mobs + 1 set of 2 is normally a good stead pace. It is possible to get the other duo too depending on your manna pool.
2) Bind outside water, if u get in trouble u can gate and get a new pet out before mobs get to you.
3) Kill marauder if hes up. Has VP key piece, and be kind enough to note the time for other players, his spawns every 8 hours on the dot.
4) DW boots and harpoon of depths sells here. Best to vendor the boots so u can loot another pair.
5) Vendor at wind mill is close by. Good place to bind.

54-56~ CoM
I liked CoM. Some decent loots and pretty safe exp. The camp i did was the golems infront of the temple if you go right and then right again from zone in. When i had a duo partner to help with CC the goos were great exp also and drop spells.
1) Get some lev rings up. It makes kiting a lot easier if u can run over water. Play with it and figure out the best place for you, i would always sit in the back right corner.
2) Back right corner is safe spot to afk.
3) Be bound outside, you could have to gate or if u die far away getting an evac to EJ can suck.

56-60 (OMG IM FEELING LAZY NOW here's a list)
Permafrost in bears and bugs camp under vox.
Frogs around king room on live side of guk
Bugs in solb
**DUO** in Seb or chardok

01-20-2012, 01:39 PM
sounds less efficient than not having a pet at all

01-21-2012, 05:05 PM
well then your completely wrong. I doubt you even play a mage or know how much mana it cost to cast the pet. But thanks for your negativity!!! I have now been playing this mage for 3 years....i know what i'm talking about, with this method you use about 200 mana per mob, and you kill it in good time.

01-21-2012, 05:07 PM
also not to mention you get the full ammount of xp.

01-21-2012, 05:49 PM
Nice guide.

Useful for Necro's as well.

02-27-2012, 08:37 AM
thanks for this i just started a mage and i was really feeling the nerf lastnight it was a bit discouraging...

unfortunatly i am not a twink i have a couple of pieces of gear i managed to get together from leveling a rogue and wizard to lvl 20...

would it be possible to get the click reclaim energy early on?

02-27-2012, 06:12 PM
The mage clickies don't start working until 20 =/

02-27-2012, 06:21 PM
yeah just realized that kind of sucks! i am trying this method now at lvl 5 and its working great i am just soo poor lol...

02-28-2012, 12:23 AM
Honestly, it is a terrible change. I have no problem soloing and my solo speed (while diminished quite a bit) is still pretty fast. However, it REALLY hurts the lowbies. Asking a level 5 mage to chain pets to kill mobs or to out damage a fire pet is pretty crazy.

02-28-2012, 08:31 AM
Honestly, it is a terrible change. I have no problem soloing and my solo speed (while diminished quite a bit) is still pretty fast. However, it REALLY hurts the lowbies. Asking a level 5 mage to chain pets to kill mobs or to out damage a fire pet is pretty crazy.

yeah it doesn't help that my nuke spell does only 14 dmg... at lvl 8 i get a 45ish point nuke so maybe that will help a bit... the exp is crazy slow if i dont chain pull..

it doesn't help that EC is kind of crappy to... too much running around looking for mobs slows things down way to much and having to avoid reds while i look for even cons and blues...

12-11-2012, 09:29 PM
I've found a little flaw with this;

When I summon a new fire pet to replace the dead one, he doesn't immediately cast his DS and will not put it on during the course of the fight.

A way to bypass this, I give myself a good distance, click go away as the pet is about to die while casting the new fire pet, then run around until my fire pet casts his DS on himself, then engage the mob. Annoying but it works.

12-12-2012, 12:09 AM
reading over this again i would change a few of he lvling spots, possible update soon!

12-12-2012, 12:31 AM
Yayyy! Currently level 12, so far so good, its just a matter of repetition to learn at this point.

12-12-2012, 07:55 PM
Thinking about playing mage so this will probably come in handy. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to put this together for the less ambitious.

12-22-2012, 09:50 AM
Any update on the update? :D

04-06-2013, 05:36 AM