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06-26-2013, 12:04 PM
What can I upgrade that will impact much for about 20k or what can I farm?

Ears x2 - Golden_Sapphire_Earring (http://wiki.project1999.org/Golden_Sapphire_Earring)
Head - Gem_Encrusted_Circlet (http://wiki.project1999.org/Gem_Encrusted_Circlet)
Face- Sheer_Bone_Mask (http://wiki.project1999.org/Sheer_Bone_Mask)
Chest - Green_Silken_Drape (http://wiki.project1999.org/Green_Silken_Drape)
Neck - Petrified_Erudite_Heart_Amulet (http://wiki.project1999.org/Petrified_Erudite_Heart_Amulet)
Arms - Gatorscale_Sleeves (http://wiki.project1999.org/Gatorscale_Sleeves)
Back - Festering_Cloak (http://wiki.project1999.org/Festering_Cloak)
Waist -
Shoulders -
Wrists x 2 - Bracelet_of_Woven_Grass (http://wiki.project1999.org/Bracelet_of_Woven_Grass)
Legs - Silversilk_Leggings (http://wiki.project1999.org/Silversilk_Leggings)
Feet - Golden_Efreeti_Boots (http://wiki.project1999.org/Golden_Efreeti_Boots)
Fingers x2 - Platinum_Fire_Wedding_Ring (http://wiki.project1999.org/Platinum_Fire_Wedding_Ring)
Primary - Rod_of_oblations (http://wiki.project1999.org/Rod_of_oblations)
Secondary - Harvester (http://wiki.project1999.org/Harvester)
Range - Dagger_of_marnek (http://wiki.project1999.org/Dagger_of_marnek)

Im level 55 too sadly.

06-26-2013, 02:02 PM
Does necro even need gear? Sounds like the perfect class for you

06-26-2013, 02:21 PM
Ears x2 - black saph earring/earring of essence
Head - Plat Tiara
Face- Sheer_Bone_Mask
Chest - froglok bone caster robe
Neck - black saph neck
Back - Hooded Black Cloak
Waist - Braided Cinch Cord
Shoulders - Loam Encrusted

basically, get HP gear.