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05-31-2013, 11:11 AM
So I am planning to create an Iskar Necro since I am new here and poor and looking for a means of leveling solo and making some money on the side. I have never played an evil race in classic or p99. Are there any guides or tips for banking and selling?

06-05-2013, 07:38 AM
If you're in old world you can sell to Druid rings

06-06-2013, 07:49 AM
Generally speaking, the local mobs drop more in Kunark zones...so you'll have an advantage there, though later on the mobs have a lot more HP compared to their old world cousins.

Totally doable to level up solely in Kunark and make money, however...if its pure platinum you want (over XP rates), keep in mind a few camps.

Nybright sisters 12-16ish (Lesser Faydark)
Named sisters on sister isle 25-32ish(Ocean of Tears) - might need someone or a low level alt parked there to sell for you.
Highkeep guards 34-45
Spectres (Oasis/Feerott) 37-50 (easier at 39)
Ice Giants (Everfrost) 46-??

Hope that helps you get started. I'd definitely do Kurn's Tower to 16, you'll be stocked with bone chips well into the 50s if you're careful with your pets :)

06-06-2013, 07:53 AM
When hunting in the old world, you can bank in Runnyeye.

I know, it's crazy!

06-06-2013, 10:19 AM
Regarding low-level money camps, I would argue that since you can make a lot more money per hour once you're level 50+ and the low-level camps may be hard to get to, hard to bank from, and/or highly competitive, it may be a better idea to just focus on leveling in convenient, low-demand places where you will EXP faster, and then get money when you're high-level, especially considering that necromancers are not gear-dependent. The only (relatively affordable) item that would be a great benefit to you is the journeyman's boots, which sell for about 5k in EC, so it would make some sense to try and save up for those, or to farm them yourself. If you do want to make 5k in a reasonable time, you may indeed try the money camps suggested above, but it may be less of a hassle (though still a considerable one) to farm them yourself once you're high level enough (I think you can do it at around level 35?).

Also, as an Iksar, you're not just an 'evil race', because even the evil races of Norrath will hate you. You're your own separate category. You can easily level near Cabilis, though, if you don't care too much about getting a lot of money early on. Field of Bone is great from level 1 to level 18 or so - you can also pop your head into Kurn's Tower at around level 10 or 12 and see if you can solo there (you get more EXP per kill in dungeons). Then you can head to Lake of Ill Omen, and a few levels later you can try the forest giant village in Warsliks Woods, which is an OK money spot, though it's sometimes overcamped. Once you hit 30 or so, you can do the mountain giant fort in Frontier Mountains - this is a popular spot (again, because of decent money drops) but has a lot of mountain giants, so you can generally find monsters to kill whenever.

The benefit of these zones is that Cabilis is a short run away for banking and selling, and you won't have to worry about traveling between Kunark and the old world whenever you need to buy new spells.

06-07-2013, 05:02 PM
I think around level 20-24 you can hunt gargoyles in OOT. I did this and made around 3-4k from selling the gargoyle eyes. I would just snare a gargoyle and agro kite it around the island. I never tried fear kiting but you could try it out.

You can sell to gypsies at gypsy camps, example: the gypsies in oasis or the gypsies in north karana.

I didn't do it but one iksar necro told me, "why didn't you hunt treants in south karana?" He said he made a TON of plat apparently as he was geared out way more than myself. I think he said around level 30-40 or something along these lines. Kurns is going to be really great xp until 20, then head off to ocean of tears and kill gargoyles til 24, even 25 and make like 3-4k. You can invis to the docks in freeport, catch boat to OOT, bind in EC and sell at gypsies or something like this. Don't sell to shady, he'll rip you off etc, or other greedy merchants.

I'd say if you hunt the gargoyles from 20-25 and then treants in South Karana from 30-40 or whenever you can do it, you'll be way more than set I think for really good gear. At 44, you can effectively kill hill giants without much resists.

I camped jboots with a friend and got AC after like one night cycle or something, will be helpful to have them when kiting and in general travel and survival.

I bank in freeport too, I just invis to the bank building and stay in the building but behind the wall that separates the little hall and the open bank and click the guy around the corner.

EC seems like a good place to be bound, from me experience for what I do and where I hunt.

*Keep the gargoyles on the DL. I doubt many people would want to go out to OOT anyhow but DL lol