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04-06-2013, 08:41 PM
Swish's Quickly Typed Iksar necro levelling guide:-

GOLDEN RULE: You do NOT need a group!

Mostly a Kunark affair. Why leave an island that's so good, particularly in the early game :)

1-11 - Field of Bone, in the pit...and mobs around the outside.

12-20 - Kurn's Tower - My 50 necro is still using bone chips farmed in there for pets (slowly going down in the bank). 1st floor up to 18 and pull some greater scalebones / lesser charbones from upstairs as required across the bridge. Don't kill any burynai!

20-22 - Crap levels really, you'll struggle to get enough decent mobs in Kurn's Tower. You're not quite high enough for the Warslik's Woods giant fort. I headed out to LOIO near the windmill - there's some static undead spawns dotted around mixed in with tigers, goblins and stuff.

22-29 - Warslik's Wood giants - they're quite meaty for HP but don't let their intimidating size fool you. There's a safe spot on the hill near one entrance to pull to and around. The 24 pet (find words of detachment if you can to make it, took me forever) will really boost your dps. Good cash drops and some item drops too.

30-36/37 - Mix it up between Frontier Mountains giants and OT mobs. FM has a lot of wandering stuff, if you managed not to kill any badgers they'll still be dubious and are one less thing to worry about. Giants again represent chances for loot. OT mobs are plentiful as long as some asshole bard isn't sweeping the area...better to be by FM than Skyshrine, and fear kiting down the road to the FM zoneline.

38-49 - Spectres. I preferred Feerott because its generally less camped and you haven't got to worry about levitate (no DMF til 44). Good cash, you can sell the scythes at the ogre vendors in skeleton form and bank in Oggok (definitely keep skellie form on).

50+ - Everyone does it differently.

a) City of Mist - moat mobs.

b) Seafuries - there's competition but its a great cash camp if you're playing offpeak.

c) The Hole - with some screaming terror/FD splitting its doable, not easy. Probably want to get past the elementals at the entrance and drop down to get at some better mobs. Bind outside the zone.

d) Felwithe B guards. My own little project. 20pp swords drop with other FS items sometimes. Can fear kite with relative comfort around the zone-in. Bind and sell at the Steamfont druid vendor for sales. Hide behind the wall to the banker's left in Felwithe to bank. CoS advisable but you'll likely have one by now, and WR bags really help!

e) Highkeep Nobles - dodgy pathing sometimes, be careful.


Back to Kunark - Burning Wood giant fort, popular spot but if you can lock that down you're good to 59-60 with a lot of patience :)


Journeyman Boots (can't be underestimated for a fear kite gone wrong or a failed FD, bad pull, etc)
Circlet of Shadow (gets you out of some sticky situations when FD and great to insta-invis)

...some necros build HP/STA over INT. That's up to you, 55 HP rings etc, INT is never a huge deal - certainly don't aim for 255. My necro still has a ton of technically empty slots and gets by fine. Would recommend +4 INT/+2 STA earrings or vice versa.

Overall a very fun journey. If you want to get to 60 by next week in the same fashion that everyone wants Velious now now now...then don't pick an iksar, but do remember that once you hit 60, your innate regen TOWERS over erudites/dark elves/gnomes/etc :)

Keep in mind the pet damage. If you feel like your pet has done over 50% of the damage, pull him off at ~25-20% mob health and let the dots tick down to ensure you get the full XP. Nothing worse than letting Jibober try and level ;)

Buy your L29 + L39 pets with a friend's help or bag drop in Grobb/Oggok - the SK guilds there sell them, and saves you gathering unnecessary words.

Do save words and work on your research skill if you can. If you're mega twinked you can probably buy your spells but keep in mind you can train research all the way up at the trainer.

Hope that wasn't too shitty to read - feel free to add suggestions.

04-06-2013, 08:44 PM
Works for other race necros too really, but replace Field of Bone with Nektulos undead spire to level 9/Crushbone to level 10-11/EC to level 9-10 etc. As soon as you can bind yourself, I'd head for Kurn's :)

04-07-2013, 08:56 AM
Cool guide. I had a couple questions:

1) What is your actual killing strategy at various levels?

2) This guide is pretty light on dungeon-killing: is it too difficult for a necromancer leveled 20-50 to do any dungeons?

04-07-2013, 09:31 AM
Cool guide. I had a couple questions:

1) What is your actual killing strategy at various levels? Fear kite. Aggro kiting isn't feasible anymore since 1). you can't med while running and 2). DoTs only do 66% damage unless feared or rooted.

2) This guide is pretty light on dungeon-killing: is it too difficult for a necromancer leveled 20-50 to do any dungeons? It can be done starting at 34 (when we get root). You can fear kite in dungeons if you know the layout really well and use your short duration fear to avoid adds. It's just a million times easier to solo outdoors.

04-07-2013, 10:13 AM
Dungeons with necromancer can be done starting at 20 with pet tanking using shadow compact (20) and cancel magic (16).

04-07-2013, 10:29 AM
For necros around 30 I would do halfling guards. Good exp for noobie zone bonus and good money. You can bank right in runnyeye. When I rolled my iksar I tried to stay by runnyeye to bank. I think I did 25-30 avaiks in sk. 31-35 i did halfling guards. 36- 40 i did zone in at paw and down stairs. 41- 50 I did city of mist. 51-53 felwithe guards. 54-60 second floor charming in com. Around 57 i did a little bit of kc basement(charming). Word of advice for iksars or any necro.. At 49 you can charm the skelly for the ot hammer but it only last (charm) a couple seconds. Get jade in cursor charm , hand in and fd and wait for break. That hammer is so nice because you hammer to ot and jump on boat over to td. Levi and run to pots

04-07-2013, 10:58 AM
Also a side note. I would stay in kunark til 30 then move. Around lvl 25-30 mons hp jumps a ton in kunark. Old world mobs are much more basic. Leveling Im all about safe leveling over risky leveling. Necro is a breeze until 54 when you start charm killin. I messed around for a while in Lguk before com and kc because guk mobs are cake. As a iksar remember you can always bank in runnyeye safely. Until charming strictly use fear kiting if you have room or root rot. If root rot let dots sit on mob til 70% then send pet. When the mob is dead sit pet and pull and repeat. With pets regen rate while sitting by the time the mob is 70% again your pet is full and you get full exp.

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04-07-2013, 01:00 PM
Just a question : i m. 58 atm, and some goos are turning lb now. lot of lb also in remparts on top of temple . So what the point? you try to outdamage your charmed pet, or you let your pet kill everything just healing it (vexin) ? By outdamaging it it can be very mana intensive. By letting it kill everything, xp will be bad. So? Any explanation ? Thanks in advance

04-07-2013, 03:40 PM
You can 1) try kc where you will be find dark blues and level crazy fast solo. Or 2) stay in com. Let both mobs beat each other til under 10%. Root the mob and use cos to break charm. Root your old pet and grab another pet. Have your pet kill the two mobs under 10%. Rinse and repeat. After 54 you should never waste all that mana to out dmg your pet

04-07-2013, 06:29 PM
Charming one mob to fight another is way too slow in these areas.

Com, Karnor, HS - you want to charm a pet and send it onto multiple mobs (preferably all undead). Back your pet till all the mobs are clustered together and cycle target root them alll. Let them kill your pet down to around 5%, hit your cos, tap kill the pet and charm another. Keep going till all mobs are dead in the pack - mind your roots. Usually only down time is waiting for repops.

In Com, this is easiest at the upmost ramp of the zone.
Karnor basement is great for this.
HS, north & west wings are awesome.

Takes some practice, but you can have 4-6 mobs rooted and killing your pet (the xp mob) in a few seconds. HS is nice for this since the skellys HT - a bad pull or quick charm break will send you back to your bind.

I'd kill myself if i did BW giant fort or COM all the way to 60.

04-08-2013, 02:19 PM
thanks for info. soloing is not really my cup of tea (yep, soloing from 55+ pissed me off), but i got no choice, as finding a group as a nec is really painfull.

Will try com upper ramp or KC basement(usually camped while i play).

thanks again. Give here another tips if you like, I take every advices)

04-08-2013, 03:52 PM
I play on red, but crazy necro cant find a group. Can do a little crowd control, stack dots, feed mana on bad pulls to cleric. Soloing gets boring cause your by yourself. But its crazy what you can do once your in your 50s. If you dont like soloing find yourself a partner. Enchanter is crazy to charm with and rogue is nice partner for fear kiting or aggro kiting. In my 30s I leveled with a rogue just casting darkness, inf cloud and leach. The dots built so much hate by the time the rogue jumped in their was no aggro the whole fight. Not to mention I was fm 90% of them time. Point of story is necro dont need much or anybody to level. With any class you could get an easy technique down to none stop pull.

04-09-2013, 07:44 AM
Yep we did remparts with a guildmate druid yesterday. Less boring than solo, xp was average . He harmo / pull / dot, i charm / root/ break / kill . This no stop kill session ended when a major train hit us... Not our train of course. One question : druid told me that charmed mob does nt steal xp in a non solo ( group) situation. Is that true?