View Full Version : Where to level - Mage level 23

03-25-2013, 04:57 AM
Hello fellow casters of P99!

After returning from a 2 year hiatus to P99 and a 10+ year hiatus from live EQ, I logged back on my 23rd level Magician looking to boost him up a level or two. After sorting out the UI and getting familiar with the game again, I was stuck on where I should be leveling. Should I be soloing or grouping? Any information or link to a resource will be greatly appreciated.

I checked a whole bunch of info first on the forums and the wiki but none seemed to suffice. My apologies if anyone thinks I missed some database where this question is answered in detail. Right now im on my way to SK to solo some aviaks.. could there be a possible better camp option at level 23?

03-25-2013, 12:37 PM
It's close by, but you can try going to EK and sitting near the ramp somewhere and pulling everything that is blue. I did this paired up with a mage when I was an enc so we didn't have pet stealing xp and it was pretty efficient.

You might have the chance to get into a HHK goblins group, I would just /who highkeep all and see who is there around 20-30 and ask them if they would take you if it looks like a group is up. There really is only room for 1 group 20-30, but people switch out fast and it never stayed empty for long when I was that level looking.

There are probably some static spawns that aren't bad xp in lake rathe that you could semi-afk xp off while reading or whatever.

A deep upper guk group may work out well, or a solusek a group not too far in close to the zone at rug room or pit also, but I found groups there less often, but the loot is great.

East OT has spawns around level 20 I think that gets mentioned sometimes, and should be good xp if you didn't mind hunting for the roamers and finding somewhere safe to setup.

Also warsliks woods seems to have the right level stuff, but I didn't xp there at your level.

03-26-2013, 04:22 AM
thanks for the tips.

I did 23-24 yesterday at SK over at the aviak village. Once i dinged 24 I got my Earth pet (unfortunately it takes the research skill and items to get my fire/water, which is very difficult and probably not worth the time to try to obtain them) and I headed over to WW to do giants. The plan was to solo but I managed to group with a mage and an enchanter which made things safer and easier. I got 24-25 that way.

I left WW now since it is a pain to get to especially if you die, it takes about 30 mins or more for travel, with most likely no chance for a rez.

Im trying to figure out where to go next from here with an Earth pet, looking for solo play.. should i head back to SK or try one of the groups you said.

What about lake of III omen does anyone recommend it for a 25 mage either solo or group?