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05-18-2023 until 06-18-2099
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OFF TOPIC FORUM: Read before posting.

Forum Rules

The Project 1999 forums serve as a hub of the community where players can discuss all aspects of the game. This is the first place people come when they are looking to join our community. These rules, a small portion extracted from our Play Nice Policy, are in place to attract more members to the community, and assist existing members of the community.

CSR Staff reserves the right to remove any post or thread determined to be detrimental to the community, however the following basic rules apply to all forums, including the “Rants and Flames” and "Off Topic" sections of the forums.

Stay out of Real Life
Many people expect to keep personal and real life matters separate from those that happen in the game. We expect all forum members to respect each other's privacy.

You may not ever post any real life information about another user, including but not limited to: name, address, phone numbers, pictures, employer's, associates, etc. This also extends to protect other forms of communication including IM Aliases, email addresses, social media accounts etc.

There is zero tolerance for posting someone’s real life information. Those that violate this rule will be banned and such posts will be deleted.

Server Negativity
Spreading negative propaganda about the server and serving no purpose other than to slander the community and it's staff will not be allowed.

The staff works hard to provide this experience to you, and we will not tolerate negative conjecture about our agendas or actions. This includes negative or tasteless comments about current or former staff members. Constructive feedback via substantiated bug reports is always appreciated.

Real Money Trades (RMT)
No discussions about RMT of any kind. If you suspect a player of participating in RMT, use the petition forum.

Content is expected to remain work friendly. Do not post graphic/gross/disturbing images. This includes forum avatars and signatures, and links to other content.

Blue, Green, and Red Server Forums
Blue server specific threads / posts should be kept on the blue server section of the forums.
Green server specific threads / posts should be kept on the green server section of the forums.
Red server specific threads / posts should be kept on the red server section of the forums.

Do not spam the forums. Multiple threads or posts of the same content, phrase, or message, will be considered as spam and deleted.

Racism / Hate speech
Racism and or hate speech, disguised or not, will not be tolerated. This includes slurs / derogatory speech regarding sexual orientation.

Swearing / Cursing
Keep thread subjects clean. Swearing/Cursing is allowed within threads, to an extent. Don't overdo it.

Politics / Matters of Contention
At the sole discretion of CSR Staff, posts concerning politics or other matters of contention will be removed.

Avatars and Signatures
All Avatars and signatures must not contain any explicit, NSFW, or any content that would be in violation of our Play Nice Policy. Signatures must be no higher than 150 pixels, and no wider than 500 pixels. If there are multiple images, or images as well as text, the combination must not exceed the height of what a single 200 pixel image would cover.

Rants and Flames
Any rant or flame against a player or guild should be contained inside of the Rants and Flames forum of the respective Blue or Red server forums. Do not bash a guild or a player outside of Rants and Flames.

Off Topic
Any content not related to Project 1999 should be posted in the “Off Topic” section of the forums. All other forum rules still apply

If you must troll another user, keep it contained to Rants and Flames. Don’t over do it.

Forum accounts created for the sole purpose of trolling are not allowed.

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